Inside Out fans, rejoice! The much-awaited sequel and one of the highly anticipated movies of 2024 has finally hit theaters this month.

When Inside Out was released nine years ago in 2015, we followed young Riley Andersen and her five personified emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. They played pivotal roles in shaping her life. In Inside Out 2, we reunite with the gang as they navigate the tumultuous time of being a teenager, with new emotions joining the mix and familiar ones taking on surprising roles.


Like the first movie, Inside Out 2 is another perfect depiction of the inner workings of our minds. It's fascinating to once again see, through fun and quirky animation, how our collective experiences shape our sense of self—much like Riley's journey. These concepts are often abstract and difficult to visualize, but Inside Out 2 brings them to life, illustrating how our minds process daily experiences.

Inside Out 2 nails anxiety! Pixar makes this big feeling relatable, showing how it messes with your life and friends. But it can also help! The movie even shows how to calm down during a panic attack.

But before you head to SM Cinema to buy your Inside Out 2 tickets, here are the perfect spots at SM Supermalls to visit depending on the emotions you might feel:

If you’re feeling joy and happiness…


Celebrate with a feast! SM Supermalls offers countless dining options to satisfy every craving. Whether you're looking for globally renowned restaurants or the comforting favorites of the SM Foodcourt or Food Halls, your happiness is sure to multiply as you embark on a delicious food adventure here at SM.

If you’re feeling sad or disgusted…


There are hundreds of ways to cheer up—like the power of retail therapy! According to a Forbes article, spending makes us feel good and gives us a sense of well-being, which is why hitting the mall to buy essential stuff (or even the extra luxurious ones) can help turn a sad day around.

Similarly, there are days when we don’t feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s a pesky pimple affecting our confidence or clothes that don’t quite fit right, retail therapy can help. It releases dopamine, the brain's feel-good chemical. Purchasing your beauty holy grails at Watsons can encourage you to step-up your skincare routines. Finding well-fitting clothes at The SM Store can also make you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance.

For a healthy retail therapy session, set a budget, be mindful of your spending, and shop with a purpose to avoid impulse buys.

If you’re feeling angry…


Head over to Timezone or SM Game Park! Throw some hoops, strike down some pins,  race like a pro, or sing your heart out. Timezone is a one-stop show for fun and games that is not only perfect for celebrations but for blowing off steam too.

If you’re feeling anxious…


It’s time to relax and unwind. Whether you get a facial, a mani-pedi, or a full body massage, SM Supermalls have wellness spaces where you can shut off your mind and enjoy the pampering session you deserve.

If you’re feeling embarrassed or envious…


Confessed to a crush and it turned out differently than what you expected? Sent an email to your boss that should have been sent to your office BFF instead? For these moments na gusto mo na lang kainin ng lupa, SM Cinema are the perfect place to be.

Or when you’re envious of others, watching that IMAX movie and immersing yourself in its storyline can help you detach from what you’re feeling and put yourself in others' shoes, even for a little while.

If you’re feeling bored and don’t know what to do…


Take a walk at SM Mall of Asia’s Sky Garden or at SM City Caloocan’s indoor Sky Plaza. These serene spots are perfect for a leisurely stroll to clear your mind.

And if you’re feeling afraid…


It's time to do something exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping, like going on rides at Skyranch! These thrilling attractions will give you the jolt of courage you need. Sometimes, facing your fears head-on is the best way to overcome them.

The key takeaway from Inside Out 2 is the importance of acknowledging that we are the sum of all our parts. Our sense of self is shaped by both happy and difficult memories. Embracing our entire range of experiences helps us build a stronger, more holistic identity, allowing us to learn from mistakes and celebrate our successes. Inside Out 2 teaches us that with deeper self-acceptance and understanding, we can face life with fewer regrets.


Inside Out 2 is a movie everyone can relate to. It will open your eyes to the wonders of embracing all your emotions, as they are what make us human. It’s a good movie to watch even when alone, but it’s an entirely different experience when you watch it together with your friends or family! You can even host a private viewing party with your loved ones at SM Cinemas. Now, you and your loved ones can laugh or cry together as you follow Team Riley’s journey from start to finish.

And no matter what you’re feeling, SM Supermalls will always welcome you with a wide range of facilities and activities to choose from! And if you’re on your way to watching Inside Out 2, don’t forget these Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to flicks & chill at the SM Cinema.

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