Wow, those first few months after giving birth are a whirlwind of love and cuddles, aren't they? We know it can get crazy busy. You'll be sleep-deprived, taking care of your little one all the time, and feeling exhausted. With all the changes, you might not feel like yourself anymore. Most moms get the baby blues, and it’s totally normal! 

Remember, this is just a temporary phase. You're definitely not alone in this. There are ways to feel better, even with a tight budget. Taking a few minutes outside for fresh air, or chatting with a friend on the phone, can make a big difference. Treat yourself to a small thing you enjoy, like a cup of coffee or your favorite snack.

For some moms, taking a few hours to have a casual stroll at the mall, whether it’s doing actual shopping or just window shopping, can be a mood booster. A little retail therapy can be a perfectly valid way to treat yourself and bring a smile back to your face. Consider buying yourself a little gift—you deserve it!

Here are more ways you can turn your mall trip into a relaxing experience:

Embrace a new scenery

Being a new mom is amazing, but routines can get repetitive. Give yourself a refreshing change of scenery with a quick trip to the mall! A few hours in a bright, bustling environment can work wonders for your mood. No need to go far, either. Bring out a stroller and wander around or have a smoothie at the mall or dine at these must-try restaurants. You deserve it!

Fuel your creative fire

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New motherhood is a whirlwind, but don't let it dim your creative spark! Whether you're passionate about fashion, home design, photography, or whipping up delicious meals, a trip to the mall can be your personal inspiration station.

Let your imagination run wild as you browse through clothes, adorable baby outfits, art supplies, cookbooks, or anything that sparks your fancy! Shopping for inspiration is like a treasure hunt for your creativity—you never know what gems you might find!

Uplift your mood with pretty things


Gazing at bright lights, pretty displays, and colorful packages lets you step outside the everyday and indulge in a visual feast. So allow yourself to be drawn to the pretty colors, textures, and styles that spark your joy.

Sometimes, the simplest things can have the biggest impact. Gazing at bright lights, pretty displays, and colorful packages lets you step outside the everyday and indulge in a visual feast, which can help reduce anxiety. It's a mini mental vacation that can leave you feeling refreshed and positive.

SM Supermalls can be the sanctuary you need

Being a new mom is an incredible journey, but venturing out with a little one can feel overwhelming. Luckily, SM Supermalls is here to make mall trips with your baby a breeze!

SM has spacious aisles and the mall elevators are designed with strollers in mind, so navigating the mall is totally smooth sailing. Plus, when it's feeding time, you can find comfortable and private nursing rooms for a stress-free experience.

Why retail therapy can help with baby blues


There’s truth to the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping” whether you’re buying or just looking around. If you’re experiencing postpartum depression, retail therapy might just be what you need to help uplift your spirit.

Did you know that shopping can restore a sense of control? Window shopping can offer you a “mini-mental vacation” as it’s a relatively mindless and relaxing activity! Being around people in the mall also gives you a sense of social connection. Treating yourself to a dress you like can also help boost your confidence, don’t you think?


So, there’s no doubt that a mall trip can be a mood-boosting treat and not just about buying things.

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Remember: Baby blues are normal and you are not alone. And most importantly: You’re doing a good job, MOM!

And when you’re extra tired, treat yourself to self-care by going on a little adventure! Grab your favorite carrier, put on some comfy clothes, and get lost in the sights and sounds at the mall. You deserve it, mama!

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