If you’re planning a long overdue family trip but the little ones still don’t have their passports, don’t worry. The process has become so much easier since the pre-pandemic days, thanks to the opening of multiple satellite offices and temporary off-site locations of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) nationwide. The best part? Several of these sites are located inside your fave SM malls!

We break down the steps for applying at both DFA COs (Consular Offices) and DFA-TOPS (Temporary Off-site Passport Services) like those located in SM, so you can have a hassle-free experience, leaving plenty of time for mall fun with your tots.

FYI: For other government services, you can also check out SM’s Government Service Express.

How to apply for kids’ passports

Step 1: First, check if your kids need to book an appointment


Securing an appointment is usually one of the more stressful parts of getting a passport. For children 7 years old and below who are eligible for the priority or courtesy lanes, they do not need to schedule appointments as long as they are having their appointment at a DFA Consular Office and not a DFA-TOPS (Temporary Off-site Passport Services) site.

If your kids are between 8 years old and 17 years old, they typically must have their own booked appointments. You can visit the DFA website to check if they could be eligible at the priority or courtesy lanes at a DFA Consular Office site. 

If your kids do need appointments, slots can be booked through DFA’s official booking website: www.passport.gov.ph. The site offers a scheduling system that lets you choose your preferred DFA site and select an available date and time slot for either individual or group appointments. 

Don’t forget to check for any typos—the DFA officer won’t be able to edit some of the fields, and a typo might require you to set a new appointment altogether. 

Payments may also be processed in this step: Regular processing at DFA sites costs P950 (12 days) and P1,200 for expedited processing (6 days). For your kids using the priority lane at a DFA Consular Office site, you may settle your payments on the day itself.

Here’s a quick look at DFA site options at SM Malls:



Step 2: Prepare all your kids’ requirements

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment (Minors below 7 years old do not need this if applying at a DFA Consular Office site)
  2. Accomplished Application Form
  3. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate
  4. Parent’s Marriage Certificate — If only one parent is accompanying the child
  5. If parents are unmarried, a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed by the Mother will be required if she is not accompanying the child
  6. Passport or Valid Government issued ID of either parent with one (1) photocopy (click here for the List of Acceptable IDs for Passport Application)
  7. School ID (if applicable)

Additional documents may be required in some cases, see more here.

Step 3: Make your way to SM for your appointment

Your child is required to make a personal appearance for the appointment. It’s ideal for both parents to accompany the child, but if this is not possible, make sure you have your marriage certificate. 

If you are applying at a DFA Consular Office site and your child is 7 years old and below, ask to be led to the priority or courtesy lane for minors. As parents, you’re allowed to apply or renew your passports together with your child, too, according to their courtesy lane eligibility guidelines.

There’s usually a cut-off for priority and courtesy lane applicants, if the site gets extra busy, so we recommend you come early. Also, both parents are allowed to accompany the child, but guardians or yayas are not—so make sure you come prepared!
Step 4: Have your kids’ passport photos taken

BODY1_2Infants aren’t required to wear collared shirts; any shirt with sleeves will do. If your kid has long hair, try to style it pulled back, and have your little lads gelled up, too. For little girls, avoid colored hair ties and opt for black ones so they’re easier to hide. We also know kids have a hard time not smiling for pictures, so it’s to practice this with them at home. 

Step 5: Choose your claiming or delivery option

The last step would just be choosing between pick-up and courier delivery options for your passport. Congratulations! You’ve made it!

The best part of the whole experience? You can treat your kids for being well behaved right after by going around their favorite SM mall. Check out the summer happenings at SM here—there’s plenty of them to do, see, and enjoy!
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This information is valid as of March 13, 2024. Please check the DFA website for more updated guidelines.