With places such as Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, and Bali reopening their doors to tourists, it’s no wonder everyone’s getting ready to book that ticket and go for an overdue escape. For many of us, this means applying for a new passport, a.k.a. the ultimate travel requirement. (Check here for the list of malls with DFA offices!) But if you’re going to be stuck with the same passport photo for the next 10 years, you gotta make sure you look great in it, right?

ICYDK, the Department of Foreign Affairs only allows minimal makeup in passport photos for a practical reason: You have to look like you. While that sounds simple enough, it can be tricky: Wear too little, and you may just end up getting washed out by the camera flash; too much, and they may ask you to take everything off, putting your effort to waste.

The best makeup look for a passport photo? That “no-makeup makeup” look. When done right, this looks fresh and effortless, making you appear as natural as possible. Below, we give you a quick makeup tutorial or the perfect glow-up—with a little help from some of our beauty favorites from Sunnies Face

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Passport Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

DO strive for an au naturel base.

Since you won’t be relying on a ton of products to create a flawless base, it is important to prime your skin for a smooth, healthy, and radiant face that shows even in your passport photo. Prepping your face with a product that quenches parched, dry skin lets any base (whether it’s foundation, tinted moisturizer, or a concealer) glide on smoothly without caking—the best look for a natural, no-makeup makeup look!


Sunnies Face Dream Cream, 795, instantly hydrates your skin with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for that quick and all-around moisture, while protecting your skin from environmental stressors—say hello to that fresh-faced realness!

Achieve hydrated skin with Sunnies Face Dream Cream for P795 | SM supermalls

Sunnies Face Dream Cream

DON’T cover up imperfections too much.

You want your face to look as natural as possible, almost as if you’re not wearing makeup. One surefire way to achieve this is by letting some of your skin texture still show through, using just enough coverage to blur unsightly blemishes like large pores, redness, and that occasional zit!

This all-in-one product from Sunnies Face provides the perfect base: The Perfector, 595, is a dual-ended blur and balm stick that primes your face with a lightweight and translucent gel balm on one end, while the other end is a soft-focus, silky matte primer, blurring just enough for that natural yet flawless photo finish!

Get natural yet flawless skin with Sunnies Face The Perfector for P595 | SM Supermalls

Sunnies Face The Perfector

DON’T use bold colors.

Your passport photo calls for minimal makeup. That means leaving your boldly hued eyeshadows and shimmer at home! One easy trick is to use neutral colors to just lightly define your features—some slight sweeps and contours here and there. These are all just to bring definition and enhancements to your features, so you don’t look washed out in your photo.

For your eyes, reach out for an easily buildable and blendable eye product that lets you contour your peepers. Sunnies Face’s Eyecrayon Stick, 445, is a creamy matte do-it-all stick that just naturally enhances your eyes’ contours for that effortless, barely-there look.

As for your blush, you want to keep it as natural-looking as possible, like how you would naturally blush when you’re happy or out on a sunny day! Sunnies Face’s Airblush, 495, is a sheer cheek tint with a blurred matte finish that blends seamlessly on your skin. Just dab on with your finger for that rosy glow! 

Enhance your eyes’ contour and keep a natural blush with Sunnies Face Eye Crayon Stick for P445 and Sunnies Face Airblush for P495 | SM Supermalls

Sunnies Face Eyecrayon in Camel (left) and Airblush in Doll

DO aim for a polished finish.

Finish with a few other products that keep it polished yet natural: the Lip Treat in Sakura, 395, for a light and nourishing wash of color; the Lifebrow Grooming Gel in Ash Brown, 345, for naturally bushy eyebrows; and a light sweep of Lash Lift, 595, for an everyday lifting mascara that just opens up your eyes. (Lash extensions or falsies are big no-no’s!)

Complete your ‘no-makeup’ makeup look with Sunnies Face Lash Lift for P595, Lip Treat in Sakura for P395, and Lifebrow Grooming Gel for P345 | SM Supermalls

Sunnies Face Lash Lift, Lip Treat in Sakura, and Lifebrow Grooming Gel

DON’T forget these guidelines, too!

  • Don’t wear jewelry from the neck up, like earrings and necklaces.

  • Remove your eyeglasses. Colored contact lenses are not allowed.

  • Sport a simple hairstyle that shows your full face (no visible accessories allowed!). Both ears must be visible.

  • Face straight to the camera and pose with a neutral expression. You may smile—but without showing your teeth and gums.

With the right beauty preps, your passport photo can be one you’ll be proud to show off for the next decade. Visit any SM Supermall to shop beauty must-haves and achieve that camera-ready glow-up now.
Sunnies Face is available at select SM Beauty stores and via Sunnies Face branches.

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