Senior Citizens

The Program on Senior Citizens promotes the well-being and active lifestyle of senior citizens in communities where we are present.  SM believes that senior citizens should still be able to enjoy the same fun and leisure in a mall, and at the same time, engage an active lifestyle that make them productive members of society. Our projects include the Community Service Program for Senior Citizens, and quarterly mall forums on health, lifestyle, fitness, and fashion for the elderly, Walk for Life, and the Emergency Preparedness Forum for Senior Citizens.

Our partners include the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Health (DOH), and several local governments, amongst others.



Community Service Programs for Senior Citizens

Held in partnership with the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA), SM Cares engage the elderly by providing them opportunities to be productive at the mall.

Senior Citizens may work for the mall through any of the jobs available such as mall greeters, Foodcourt ushers, restroom attendants and cinema ticket ushers.


Emergency Preparedness Forum for PWDs and Senior Citizens

The Philippines is the 3rd most vulnerable country to calamities and disasters. It is incumbent upon us to make sure that the sectors of society whom we serve and are at most risk, are taught and prepared for emergencies.

The Emergency Preparedness Forum is held annually across select SM Malls to educate and train PWDs and Senior Citizens on emergency preparedness.


Walk for Life

Held in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Walk for Life is the kickoff of the national celebration of the Elderly Filipino Week, an event that aims to promote healthy and productive aging.