If there’s a *center* in the Metro that’s a great meeting place for both Northies and Southies, that would be SM Megamall. It houses various stores for all your essentials, offers exciting activities for you and your loved ones, and most of all—there’s a restaurant that will fit any mood. Down for some lunch with your workmates or planning to have some quality me time? These food spots at SM Megamall are exactly what you need to visit!

Best dining restaurants to try at SM Megamall:

1. When you want to have lunch with your workmates: Mango Tree Manila

Location: 2F, Mega Atrium

Picture this: It’s payday and you’re looking for a new place to eat with your workmates. You want to indulge in good food no matter the price. Where to go? At Mango Tree Manila! Savor the bold flavors of Thailand with their scrumptious dishes like Thai Fried Chicken and Pad Thai, and order any of their refreshing specialty drinks for a complete meal.


Photos from: mangotreemanila on IG

2 .When you want to have your me time: Sunnies Cafe

Location: 2F, Mega Atrium

A reminder for everyone: There’s nothing wrong with eating alone and in case you haven’t tried this experience yet, it’s one of the most satisfying things to do. Sunnies Cafe offers meals good for one person such as the Creamy Carbonara and Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl. Wash it down with their Iced Horchatta Latte while you’re scrolling your IG feed.


3. When you want to hang out with your K-pop friends: Soban K-Town Grill

Location: 3F, Building B

If you just came from a fan gathering or had a Korean adventure at SM Megamall, have a ~debriefing~ with your fellow K-pop stans over samgyupsal at Soban K-Town Grill! They have group meals where you can choose your type of meat as well as banchan or side dishes. Don’t forget to take pics with your bias’ photocard!


4. When you want to plan a reunion with your high school friends: George and Onnie's

Location: GF, Mega Fashion Hall

Remember the good ‘ol days with your good friends at George and Onnie’s! ICYDK, it’s the rebranded resto Little Flour—a.k.a Wildflour’s sister group—which serves Filipino classics that taste just like home. Perfect when you’re with your circle of friends who feel like home! Must-tries: The Iberico Pork Sinigang and Grilled Bangus Belly.


5. When you want to celebrate your birthday with the fam: Sambo Kojin

Location: 3F, The Atrium

Happy birthday, dear Gemini! Celebrate the most special day of your life with your loved ones at a restaurant where you can make happy memories, like Sambo Kojin. It’s a fusion of Japanese and Korean flavors in a buffet setting, which also includes a smokeless grill and sushi bar. Your order is free on your birth month as long as you bring two full-paying guests with you!


6. When you want to try something new for Sunday brunch: Kam’s Roast 

Location: 3F, Mega Fashion Hall

All hail Kam’s Roast, a Michelin-star resto from Singapore. Head on over to this food spot if you’re craving dishes that are far from your usual brunch orders, like the Toro Char Siu and Roast Duck which are best enjoyed with a heaping plate of hot rice, and the Marinated Cucumber with Vinegar and Garlic.


7. When you want to recreate K-drama scenes with your chingus: Kingkong Budaejigae

Location: 3F, Mega Atrium

Annyeong haseyo, chingu-deul! We’re sure you’ve been binge-watching episodes of Lovely Runner and Queen of Tears (or other most-watched K-dramas) and would like to give *authentic* Korean food a try. Enter Kingkong Budaejigae which serves just that! Enjoy a warm, hearty bowl of budaejigae or Korean Army Stew and choose from a variety of fried side dishes to pair it with.


8. When you just finished doing your errands and you want a quick yet filling snack: Shake Shack

Location: GF, Mega Fashion Hall

It’s finally the weekend! You’re done ticking off your to-do list which includes stocking up on your groceries and beauty essentials. After all the shopping and walking, it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved break at Shake Shack! Get any of their bestselling burgers and fries and end your *cheat* day with the Manila-exclusive Uuube-by Baby.


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