Father’s Day treats for every kind of dad

It’s almost Father’s Day! On June 19, we celebrate the best men in our lives, our fathers. We may have laughed and cringed at their dad jokes or sometimes cried at their strictness, but we love them just the same. They are our best buds, protectors, providers, and for the best of them, our heroes. It’s about time we treat them, too!

Here are our treat suggestions for every type of dad.

1. Techie treats for the Tech-Savvy Dad

No, kids, you can’t say low-tech to this type of dad. He’s updated with the latest gadgets from laptops to AR devices. In fact, he’s updated as much as his smartphone’s apps are updated to the latest version. And he knows how to put parental controls on his devices too. Smart, smart. Good thing is, he’ll give you the best advice on which gadget to get, what with all those unboxing videos he has been watching on YouTube.

For Father’s Day, make him all gadget giddy by dropping by Octagon, PC Express, Silicon Valley, Wellcom, FoneStyle, Halo, iGadget World, Micro Express, and many more at SM Cyberzone!

2. Treats fit for the Sporty Dad

He exercises with mom, keeps up with ate’s runs, and shoots hoops with kuya. You may outrun him on the court, but he can still make that jump shot with deadly accuracy. And you wonder how he manages to avoid the dad bod. If you need a fitness trainer and coach, just call on Sporty Dad!

Treat him to new gear at Sports House, Sportszone, Toby’s, Nike, and all our other sports stores at SM Malls!

3. Delicious treats for the Masterchef Dad

Who says dads can’t cook? It’s always like a fine dining restaurant at home with Masterchef Dad around. He loves to experiment with different dishes, so you’re sure to have unique meals every time!

This Father’s Day, it’s your turn to treat him. It might be a bit difficult to choose a place that lives up to his discerning palate, but you’ll surely find the right place at SM Malls! Here are some of our choices: Adobo Connection, Bagnetified, Gerry’s Grill, Hap Chan, Max’s Restaurant, Tonkatsu Dad. Just come on over and see more!

4. Stylish treats for the Dapper Dad

This dad’s style is simply on point. Being a dad doesn’t mean he can’t look dashing. From the carefully combed hair down to his fancy footwear, the Dapper Dad looks every bit the knight in shining armor that he is.

Bring your Dapper Dad to SM Malls this Father’s Day and pamper him at Bruno’s Barbershop, Lacoste, Regatta, Sperry Top-Sider, Time Depot, and at his favourite stores!

5. Cool treats for the Pa-cool Dad

They’re cool and they know it. Or not. Every dad has a bit of a pa-cool dad in him. They make all the corny dad jokes that you’ll probably laugh at just because we love them. They will try to “get” with you and fail at it, but you’ll realize you won’t have it any other way. They will embarrass you in front of your friends, but you’ll laugh along, because it shows how much they care.

On Father’s Day, it’s your chance to make your Pa-cool Dad cooler with a makeover at Marks & Spencer, Guess, Rockport, and other fashion stores you’ll see in SM Malls!

Make Father’s Day the best day ever for the best man in your life only at SM!