There are a lot of things that make an unforgettable movie experience at the cinemas. There is, of course, the movie itself that you will watch; the food you’ll munch on while getting yourselves immersed in the film; and the company you’ll watch the movie with. All these, however, depend on whether or not you get comfortable—if not the best—seats in the house.


Where you sit can make or break your viewing experience. And since we want you to get the best film watching experience here at SM Supermalls, here's the lowdown for your next movie sesh with your crew or fam at SM Cinemas.

Follow these tips to get the best cinema seats in the house:

Work that online booking

Many movie theaters, including SM Cinemas, have online booking facilities where you can buy your movie tickets. These websites let you scope out and choose THE ideal seats! Pro tip: consider booking early, especially for lit movies or if you want to avoid the weekend madness.

Early birds get the seats

Missed the online hustle? No worries. Be the early bird at the cinema because there will be more seat choices and less crowd. Plus, there are many benefits to coming early. If you haven’t read it yet, we have listed down some cinema etiquette for you to keep in mind.

Center seats are top-tier…

Many people would say that center seats are THE best seats at any movie house—as in center of the room, center of the row seats. Afterall, these seats offer the nicest view of the films on premiere. You catch all the deets without straining your eyes. It’s the section for the ultimate viewing pleasure!

… but back seats are not bad too

If you didn’t snag those primo spots in advance and need to decide on the fly, back seats got your back. No sore necks, just fun times at the movies!

2D or not 2D? That is the question

Center or back seats are good choices not only for those watching in 2D, but also for those watching at the SM Malls’ Director’s Club cinemas too. This is also something worth considering if you need your personal space or want that extra comfort.

Consider the movie format too, fam

Watching movies in widescreen? Center seats, most def. In IMAX, though? Seat locations generally don’t matter. Brian Bonnick, the former chief technical officer for IMAX, explains that these theaters are designed in a way that brings both the pictures and the sound much closer to the moviegoers, regardless of where they are seated.

Middle or aisle? Your call

The real answer is, it depends. There is no right or wrong choice here, but it all depends on your preference and situation. Are you the kind of person who often needs to go to the restroom? Then, the aisle seats are the better choice. If you’re in it for the entire screening, then go secure that center seat if you will.

Personal choice plays a role in choosing the ideal spot from which to watch your favorite flicks. There are many factors to consider, and we hope these tips give you better fighting chances of scoring the seats you want. If you wanna know more about making the most of your movie experience at SM Cinemas, we’ve listed down the FAQs here.

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