One of the best things in life is enjoying a good ol’ cup of coffee. There’s something about its aroma that envelops us in a warm embrace. Its taste is addicting, an elixir that can easily energize you or melt your stress away even with just a drop.

But as good as coffee is on its own, pairing it with a bread or a pastry is your ticket to cloud 9. It’s that mash-up of the bitter taste of coffee and the sweetness of the pastry is a match made in culinary heaven. And with the Cofee Fest happening at SM Supermalls this July, it’s the perfect time to get to know the breads and pastries that will make your coffee runs all the more sweeter from now on.

Sandwiches at Paris Baguette 
The savory flavors of a sandwich, especially with ingredients like cheese, ham, or vegetables, is the perfect counter to the bitter and acidic notes of coffee. On the other hand, a good cup of espresso or Americano is the perfect way to cut through the richness of the sandwich.

Photo from: parisbaguette_ph on IG

Paris Baguette, a popular Korean bakery/café whose
first-ever branch in Manila opened at the SM Mall of Asia last May, has a kick-ass selection of sandwiches and pastries! Be warned that it’ll be tough to choose just one sandwich or pastry but it’s definitely gonna be worth every bite!

Paris Baguette is located at Level 1, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia. 

Sourdough Bread at French Baker 

This crunchy and airy bread has a tangy and slightly sour taste that provides that hearty texture that is a nice contrast to the smoothness of coffee. Sourdough bread pairs well with a cappuccino, its frothy and milky nature complements the bread without overpowering it.


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The French Baker has been our go-to for no-fail breads and pastries since time immemorial! They offer sourdough rye loaf, sourdough multigrain loaf, and the traditional French sourdough bread—all of which are priced under PHP 200!

The French Baker is located in several SM malls branches.

Classic MIlk Chocolate Chunk at Ben's Cookies 
These cookies, with their sweet, chocolatey, and buttery notes beautifully enhance the flavor of coffee, bringing with it an explosion of flavor that hits differently. Lattés, with their sweet and milky taste, jive well with the sweetness of cookies too!

Photo from: Ben's Cookies on FB

Ben’s Cookies originated in England in 1984 but has since become a beloved cookie brand in the Philippines too since its arrival here in Manila in 2019. They have a total of 14 flavors for you to choose from—all of which are delightful to the bite.

Ben’s Cookies is located at SM Megamall, The Podium, and SM Mall of Asia.

Cakes at Aperitif
The sweetness of cake and the bitterness of coffee work like the perfect partners, just like spaghetti and meatballs, burgers and fries, or mac and cheese. And the best coffee to get with your slice of cake? A rich mocha would be a good option!

Photo from: aperitif_ph on IG

Aperitif is a quaint little spot to grab decadent cakes and the perfect cup of coffee, while basking in its ambiance that looks like a page off a Parisian romance novel! Who needs to go to France when you have Aperitif right here in the Metro?

Aperitif is located at the SM Mall of Asia Sky Garden, SM Megamall, and SM North Edsa.

Croissants at Butterboy
Croissants are light, flaky, and buttery, making them a perfect companion for coffee’s strong flavors. The buttery layers add richness that coffee can balance, and is also the perfect complement to a cream cup of cappuccino.

Photo from: Butterboy on FB

Butterboy is the result of an architect and a doctor’s passion for good food—which includes croissants! From a humble home-based bakery, Butterboy is now available in several stores nationwide, including one SM Mall.

Butterboy is located at Level 2, South Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia.

Cheesecakes at Kumori
Cheesecake is rich and creamy, and its tanginess can be balanced by the acidity of coffee. It can get overbearing at times, but nothing like a warm cup of macchiato to even out its decadence.


Photo from: Kumori Philippines on FB

The Hanjuku Cheesecakes from Kumori may be small but boy do they pack a powerful flavor punch. It tastes light and creamy that you’re probably already gobbling through your fifth piece already and you won’t even notice.

Kumori is located in several SM malls branches.

Bibingkas at Bibingkinitan
This well-loved Filipino rice cake has a unique, mildly sweet flavor with a hint of coconut, which pairs well with the complex notes of coffee. Have your bibingka with a flat white, and be amazed at how it perfectly complements the bibingka's subtle sweetness and unique flavor profile.

Photo from: BBK Bibingka and Coffee on FB

No one does bibingka better than Bibingkinitan. Now, you don’t have to wait for Christmastime to come just to get your fill of these pillowy soft rice cakes!

Bibingkinitan is located in several SM malls branches.

Donuts at Dunkin’
The classic donut’s sweetness and its fluffy texture contrasts nicely with the smoothness of coffee. It’s best to enjoy a donut—or two—with a classic drip coffee or even a caramel macchiato for a balanced flavorful experience that won’t hurt the pocket.


Photo from: dunkin_ph on IG

Get your donuts at the OG—Dunkin’! SM Deals is currently having a Dunkin’ Cheer Bundle. For only PHP 299, you can now take home 2 premium donuts, 2 classic donuts, and 15 assorted munchkins!

Dunkin is located in several SM malls branches.

Now’s the perfect time to go get that coffee and pastry! You know you deserve this treat. And don’t forget to set your calendars for the “Tara Kape Let’s Coffee at SM” Coffee Festival, with the happenings:

  • Score great deals on coffee from July 1 to 14
  • Drop by the coffee market from July 1 to 14
  • Discover new coffee hangout spots from July 1 to 14
  • Enjoy coffee and art on July 5 to 7, and July 12 to 14
  • Listen to good music as you sip a cup of coffee on July 5 to 7, and July 12 to 14

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