The Future is Female: Awesome Finds from Women-led Brands to Inspire Your Inner #GirlBoss | SM Supermalls

It’s your time to shine, queen!

Every March, we celebrate International Women’s Month as an homage to all the bold and brilliant ladies who conquer the world in their own ways. Many industries can already attest to women’s excellence and commitment to success, including the business sector where real-life girlbosses hold impressive titles like CEOs and founders.

Are you wondering which successful businesses are spearheaded by empowered and trailblazing ladies? Look no further, because we listed seven popular women-led brands (along with their must-try products and services) across all fields—from food to beauty and wellness!


Awesome Finds from Women-Led Brands: Enjoy signature unlimited Korean barbeque at SamgyeopMasarap (owned by Enunina Mangio) | SM Supermalls

Just like K-pop and K-dramas, Korean barbeque or “samgyupsal” also captured the hearts (and stomachs) of Filipinos. One of the pioneers in establishing samgyup restaurants in the country is Enunina Mangio, who built the now-widely beloved KBBQ chain SamgyeopMasarap. She saw samgyupsal being a potential hit among Filipinos and invested in it before its rise to popularity, and now she reaps its benefits with SamgyeopMasarap.

Aside from its signature unlimited Korean barbeque, SamgyeopMasarap also offers other delicious Korean dishes on its menu. We highly recommend their Rabokki Ramen, which packs a powerful combo of spicy and sweet flavors from two of the most popular Korean comfort food: ramyeon and tteokbokki. For only P200, you can already order a bowl of Rabokki Ramen at SamgyeopMasarap in SM City Iloilo this month.


Awesome Finds from Women-Led Brands: Experience skin rejuvenating services at Bioessence (founded by Dr. Emma Beleno) | SM Supermalls

Behind the premium skin and body wellness center Bioessence’s success is the renowned dermatologist and skincare specialist Dr. Emma Beleno, who founded the company in Davao City back in 1994. Since its establishment, Bioessence has grown into a trusted place for skin, slimming, and spa services performed by well-trained staff at over 30 branches (and counting!) nationwide.

Bioessence offers several non-invasive services that can help rejuvenate your skin, such as whitening, anti-aging, and anti-acne facials. They also perform Painless Warts Removal treatments, which you can get at 50% off in the SM City Masinag branch until March 31. The Painless Warts Removal service uses electrocauterization to remove abnormal tissue growth such as warts and skin tags, giving you smoother and lighter skin as result.


Awesome Finds from Women-Led Brands: Grab your makeup essentials at Colourette (Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera - founder and CEO) | SM Supermalls

Are you looking for makeup that can withstand our country’s humid and tropical weather, cover the Filipina’s wide range of skin tones, and still fits your budget and lifestyle? You’re in luck, because local beauty brand Colourette was made with this vision by its founder and CEO, Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera!

As early as her college days, Cabrera dreamt of starting her makeup brand and finally turned it into reality back in 2015 with Colourette—a brand made for Filipinos, by Filipinos. One of their signature and best-selling products is the Colourtint, a multi-use tint for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. This easily blendable and ultra-pigmented tint with a matte finish comes in various shades, including the dusty nude rose shade, Ava.

From an original price of P399, you can score a 30% discount on the Colourtint in Ava—now available for only P279 at Colourette in SM City North Edsa until March 31!


Awesome Finds from Women-Led Brands: Get natural personal care products at Zenutrients (Angela Dinglasan - founder and president) | SM Supermalls

Zenutrients is a homegrown brand that makes hair, face, bath, and body products using traditional Filipino ingredients like gugo, virgin coconut oil, and aloe vera. It is run by The Greenhouse Inc., a local manufacturing and retail company whose president is also one of Zenutrients’ founders, Angela Dinglasan.

Aside from being a woman-led brand, Zenutrients also makes a positive impact on society by partnering with local suppliers and farmers in creating personal care products. Try its Sunflower Radiant Body Oil, which uses a nourishing blend of sunflower and coconut oil to moisturize and give your skin a healthy glow. Get the Sunflower Radiant Body Oil and other natural personal care products now at the Zenutrients store in SM City Sucat.

Inspire your inner girlboss by copping awesome finds from women-led brands available at SM malls nationwide. Click here to add more female-fronted businesses to your radar.

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