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Last January 23, 2022, the ice skating rink located in level 3, main mall of SM Mall of Asia reopened its doors to fully vaccinated individuals ages 12 and above. Everybody knows that it’s been a while since the squad had the “ice-perience” that is why SM Supermalls implemented safety protocols to keep everyone safe while living out the inner ice kween and ice king dreams.

Brrrrr you ready? Whether you’re a shaky first-timer or a seasoned skater, take a scroll down to read more because all the information that you need to know before skating are here for your very ice!

Check out SM <a href='https://www.smsupermalls.com/mall-locator/sm-mall-of-asia/information' target='_blank'>MOA</a>’s Ice Skating Rink open hours | SM Supermalls

For Monday to Wednesday, SM Skating will be open from 12:00NN till 4:30PM. For Thursdays to Sundays, they will still open at 12:00NN but will extend their closing hours till 6:45PM.

An icy experience awaits all fully vaccinated - 12 years old and up | SM Supermalls

Anyone aged 12 years old and up are allowed to skate as long as they are fully vaccinated. Don’t forget to bring your vax card with you and present it at the counter before entering.

Know the rates at SM <a href='https://www.smsupermalls.com/mall-locator/sm-mall-of-asia/information' target='_blank'>MOA</a>’S Ice Skating Rink | SM Supermalls

No idea about the rates? The 2-hour pass is priced at Php330, Afternoon pass is Php499, Companion pass and Polar Bear is only Php100, while the locker use costs only Php50.

Because of the pandemic, part of the newly implemented safety protocols at the SM Ice Skating includes wearing of face masks, observing physical distancing, and complying to the 2-hour pass. This means that they will only be accommodating a certain number of people inside the ice rink and will be limiting access for 2 hours at a designated time slot, inclusive of skate shoes and gears. There will also be 15-minute intervals in between time slots for the purpose of clearing, sanitation, and the Zamboni.

Safety gears and skate shoes available at SM <a href='https://www.smsupermalls.com/mall-locator/sm-mall-of-asia/information' target='_blank'>MOA</a>’S Ice Skating Rink | SM Supermalls

For guests who will avail the afternoon pass, they will be given safety gears, skate shoes, and access to the ice skating rink for an entire afternoon. They will also be asked to vacate the ice rink every 2 hours (following the schedule) and will be allowed re-entry to the rink once the clearing, sanitation, and Zamboni is done.

Excited? Don’t think (tw) ice about it! Take lots of memories, photos and tag us on  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. For more details about the timeslots, safety protocols, and SM Ice Skating guide, click here. Also, make sure to check out the mall entry guidelines and updates on mall hours here.