Filipino heritage and style reigned supreme as the Museo Del Galeon in SM Mall of Asia transformed into a spectacular celebration of culture and the nation’s independence with the highly anticipated Ternocon 2024 held recently. The event brought together talented designers, stunning creations, and a community united in celebrating Filipino legacy through fashion.

1_L_R_Fashion_designer_Jaggy_Glarino_Cultural_Center_of_the_Philippines_CCP_Vice_Chair_Carissa_Coscolluela_fashion_designer_Jojie_Lloren_CCP_President_Kaye_Tinga_Bench_lifestyle(L-R): Fashion designer Jaggy Glarino, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Vice Chair Carissa Coscolluela, fashion designer Jojie Lloren, CCP President Kaye Tinga, Bench/ lifestyle + clothing founder Ben Chan, First Lady of the Philippines Liza Marcos, SM Markets Chairman Herbert Sy, CCP Vice Chair Margie Moran, Suyen Corporation President Virgilio Lim, fashion designer Cary Santiago, and SM Supermalls’ President Steven Tan

2_Bench_lifestyle_clothing_founder_Ben_Chan_presents_the_TernoCon_2023_Catalog_to_the_First_Lady_of_the_Philippines_Liza_Araneta_MarcosBench/ lifestyle + clothing founder Ben Chan presents the TernoCon 2023 Catalog to the First Lady of the Philippines, Liza Araneta-Marcos.

Titled "KKK: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan," the fashion show commemorated the 126th year of Philippine Independence, showcasing the rich history of our culture through the iconic terno. The event was made possible with the collaboration of Bench/ lifestyle + clothing and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Three trailblazing fashion designers—Jojie Lloren, Cary Santiago, and Jaggy Glarino—stunned the audience with collections that paid homage to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Each collection was a personal tribute, weaving stories of our heritage into every piece.

 Minimalist_fashion_designer_Jojie_Lloren_1Minimalist designer Jojie Lloren's 12-piece collection infuses the beauty of refined elegance with masterful tailoring. 

Sculptural_fashion_designer_Cary_Santiago_2Renowned Cebuano designer Cary Santiago's fashion presentation is a love letter to the Philippines, reimagining the national symbols in a stunningly elaborate style. 

Avant_garde_fashion_designer_Jaggy_GlarinoTrailblazing designer Jaggy Glarino's creations are a symphony of color and texture, truly a feast for the senses.

Lloren’s "A Lullaby for my Mother" captivated the night with 12 elegant ternos, paying homage to his beloved mom and the Motherland. Santiago’s "Ikonograpiya" wowed everyone with 12 ternos, celebrating iconic Filipino symbols like the Sampaguita, the Philippine national flower, jeepney, and sorbetes (Filipino ice cream) in the vivid colors of our national flag. Meanwhile, Glarino’s "Lemlunay" enchanted the audience with nine ternos and three barongs, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao.

 6_Fashion_designer_Jojie_Lloren_right_and_muses_TV_personality_Maine_Mendoza_left_and_model_Jo_Ann_Bitagcol_backFashion designer Jojie Lloren (right) and muses, TV personality Maine Mendoza (left) and model Jo Ann Bitagcol (back).

7_Fashion_designer_Cary_Santiago_right_with_muse_Miss_Universe_Philippines_2023_Michelle_DeeFashion designer Cary Santiago (right) with muse, Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee.

8_Fashion_designer_Jaggy_Glarino_right_with_muse_model_Marina_Benipayo_leftFashion designer Jaggy Glarino (right) with muse, model Marina Benipayo (left).

9_Miss_Universe_Philippines_2023_Michelle_Dee_wears_a_Cary_Santiago_creation_Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee wears a Cary Santiago creation.

TV_personality_Maine_Mendoza_dons_a_Jojie_Lloren_design_TV personality Maine Mendoza dons a Jojie Lloren design.

11_Model_Jo_Ann_Bitagcol_is_dressed_in_a_Jojie_Lloren_creationModel Jo Ann Bitagcol is dressed in a Jojie Lloren creation.

12_Model_Marina_Benipayo_wears_a_Jaggy_Glarino_designModel Marina Benipayo wears a Jaggy Glarino design.


The atmosphere was filled with a sense of elegance and national pride. The audience itself was a stunning display of Filipino beauty, with guests adorned in their finest ternos, barongs, and modern Filipiniana interpretations. From socialites and celebrities in show-stopping outfits to fashion enthusiasts sporting avant-garde creations, the crowd embodied the brilliant spirit of Filipino fashion. Everyone came together to celebrate their heritage through style.

 13_L_R_Lucy_Torres_Richard_Gomez_Pasay_City_Mayor_Emi_Calixto_Rubiano_and_SM_Supermalls_President_Steven_Tan(L-R): Lucy Torres, Richard Gomez, Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano, and SM Supermalls’ President Steven Tan

15_L_R_SM_Supermalls_President_Steven_Tan_Philippine_Airlines_President_Stanley_Ng_and_Bench_lifestyle_clothing_founder_Ben_Chan_(L-R): SM Supermalls’ President Steven Tan, Philippine Airlines President Stanley Ng, and Bench/ lifestyle + clothing founder Ben Chan

L_R_Nicole_Ortega_Carla_Tengco_Bench_lifestyle_clothing_founder_Ben_Chan_Jojie_Dingcong_Ching_Cruz_Susan_Joven_Wildflours_Ana_Lorenzana_de_Ocampo_and_Mia_Borromeo(L-R): Nicole Ortega, Carla Tengco, Bench/ lifestyle + clothing founder Ben Chan, Jojie Dingcong, Ching Cruz, Susan Joven, Wildflour's Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo, and Mia Borromeo

Bench_lifestyle_clothing_founder_Ben_Chan_and_TernoCon_Artistic_Director_Gino_GonzalesBench/ lifestyle + clothing founder Ben Chan and TernoCon Artistic Director Gino Gonzales

L_R_Cultural_Center_of_the_Philippines_CCP_President_Kaye_Tinga_CCP_Vice_Chair_Margie_Moran_SM_Supermalls_President_Steven_Tan_Suyen_Corporation_President_Virgilio_Lim_and_S(L-R): Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) President Kaye Tinga, CCP Vice Chair Margie Moran, SM Supermalls’ President Steven Tan, Suyen Corporation President Virgilio Lim, and Suyen Corporation Vice President for Finance Nenita Lim

TernoCON_fashion_1(L-R): Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo, Fashion director Daryl Chang, and Suyen Corporation's Kai Lim

L_R_Model_Tweetie_De_Leon_digital_creator_Myrza_Sison_and_model_Apples_Aberin(L-R): Model Tweetie De Leon, digital creator Myrza Sison, and model Apples Aberin

L_R_Model_Vanna_Garcia_TV_host_Daphne_Osena_Paez_and_model_Kelly_Misa_Fernandez(L-R): Model Vanna Garcia, TV host Daphne Osena-Paez, and model Kelly Misa-Fernandez

TernoCON_fashion_2(L-R): Fashion designer JC Buendia, celebrated fashion designer Inno Sotto, and singer JK Labajo

If you missed the show, don’t worry! The celebration continues with an exclusive exhibit from June 11 to June 23 at the Main Atrium of SM Mall of Asia (across Bench and The French Baker). Here, you can get up close and personal with 24 selected looks from the runway, marveling at the intricate craftsmanship and powerful stories behind each creation.

 27_Jojie_Lloren_brings_a_personal_touch_to_his_collection_A_Lullaby_for_my_Mother_that_honors_both_his_mother_and_the_motherland_Jojie Lloren brings a personal touch to his collection, “A Lullaby for my Mother,” that honors both his mother and the motherland.

28_Cary_Santiago_unveils_Ikonograpiya_a_collection_inspired_by_the_Philippine_flag_and_iconic_national_symbols_Cary Santiago unveils “Ikonograpiya,” a collection inspired by the Philippine flag and iconic national symbols.

29_Jaggy_Glarino_presents_Lemlunay_a_collection_that_draws_on_the_rich_cultural_heritage_of_Mindanao_Jaggy Glarino presents “Lemlunay,” a collection that draws on the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao. 

30_Models_in_Jojie_Llorens_A_Lullaby_for_my_Mother_collection_line_up_on_the_runway_at_TernoCon_Kasarinlan_Kultura_KasuotanModels in Jojie Lloren’s “A Lullaby for my Mother” collection walk on the runway at TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan.

Gather your friends and celebrate a fashion experience like no other! Visit the Ternocon exhibit and celebrate our kasarinlan, kultura, at kasuotan!

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