SM Supermalls China was awarded the Golden Lily Awards 2024 for its innovative marketing event in spring - The Great Oriental Culture & Art Season manifested at SM Tianjin, at the China Shopping Center and Chain Brands Development Summit 2024, Shanghai, July 04.


SM Tianjin welcomed the Year of Loong with country-level endorsements from Tianjin Museum, Sichuan Daoming Bamboo Weaving, etc. Three chapters of the Great Arts, the Great Culture and the Great Future reflected the bridging and echoing through the ages, with various artistic expressions of loong imagery.

The prosperity and good fortune descend while the loong dances among the clouds. The showcase of an 8-meter giant soaring bamboo-weaved loong, with the participation of Daoming Hongmei Bamboo Weaving, ran from this January to jumpstart the unique journey of classical and modern oriental arts, bringing the best wishes to Tianjin City.


In collaboration of Tianjin Museum, dozens of historical curiosities (replicas) including paintings by famous artists of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties along with the cursive scripts of Liu Yong and Zheng Banqiao, calligraphers of Qing Dynasty, captivated mall-goers with immersive cultural wonders. Furthermore, the exclusive interactions such as pop-up of souvenirs, seal collection game, rubbings of ancient coins, bamboo handicraft and relics restoration workshops offered consumers with exquisite experience integrating featuring culture and tourism with new consumption scenarios.

The chapter of the Great Culture began in February coinciding with the Spring Festival. Consumers could feast their eyes by participating activities like lion and dragon dance, Gods Parade, Fish Lantern Parade and Molten Iron Splashing performance (both are intangible cultural heritages) well-designed by SM. The 11-meter ‘loong’ and 8-meter ‘phoenix’, both infused with cutting-edge technology, made their stunning debut in the evening air, shining brilliantly over the city with a dazzling show.


Partners with Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, SM Tianjin launched the Great Future in the blooming March with the digital exposition on plants. Along with this, the serial greener lifestyle actions like low-carbon lifestyle lessons, Chase the Wind afforestation initiative, SHE Power in green development, Earth Hour were conducted to call for public attention and social engagement to the nature, the charm of ecosystem.


SM Tianjin attracted a total of 2.858 million visitors during the events, representing a year-on-year increase of 9.92%. The cumulative participation exceeded 24,000 people. An increase of 36% in overall sales was achieved with the effective sales promotion campaigns. Further, the event attracted 25 media outlets for on-site coverage, reaching a total audience of over 5.7 million people.