The Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, Inc. (FTSFI) united 16 couples in holy matrimony during the “8th Kasalan sa SM” mass wedding held at the Shrine of Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life Church in Pasay City. This special occasion included members of their 296,000-member Facebook community, the SM SuperMoms Club, making the day even more heartwarming.

1_1The Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, Inc. (FTSFI) and SM Supermalls bring together 16 couples, including SM SuperMoms, at the heartwarming 8th Kasalan sa SM mass wedding.

2_1The 8th Kasalan sa SM, a heartwarming mass wedding, is held at the Shrine of Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life Church in Pasay City.

3In honor of SM Group matriarch Felicidad Sy, known as Nanang, Kasalan sa SM has brought faith and matrimony to communities for nearly a decade.

The success of the event wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions of Kultura's Barong Filipino and Berches Barong, who provided Barong Tagalogs for all the grooms. Goldilocks also played a key role by sponsoring the 16 wedding cakes, and Gandang Ricky Reyes ensured a memorable experience for the brides with their hair and makeup services. Their support made the day truly special for the couples and their families.

4Harold Picar, wearing a barong Tagalog from Kultura, poses with his wife Katrina Rose, with Kultura having provided barong Tagalogs for all 16 grooms.

SM_Mass_Wedding_5Dolly Grace and RJ Dampog with their beautiful Goldilocks wedding cake, with Goldilocks providing 16 wedding cakes for all the couples.

SM_Mass_Wedding_6Susy Loma (right), radiant with her hair and makeup provided by Gandang Ricky Reyes to all 16 couples, walks the aisle with her husband Arturo Regis (left).

The Kasalan sa SM initiative is an important part of FTSFI's religious projects, an affiliate of the SM Foundation. This program, established nearly a decade ago, reflects the dedication of SM Group matriarch Felicidad T. Sy, also known as “Nanang,” to promoting spiritual well-being within communities.


A wedding gift, presented on behalf of SM Group matriarch Felicidad Sy, is given to all the 16 couples. In the photo, Paulo (left) and Sherry Joy Amita (second from left) receive theirs from the Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, Inc. (FTSFI) Executive Director Mel Elido (center), Reverend Father Rey Reyes (second from right), and Shrine Rector Reverend Father Danny Canceran (right).

Nanang's vision extends beyond weddings. She champions numerous religious activities, including the operation of masses and the restoration/upkeep of churches and shrines within and near SM Malls. These initiatives provide accessible places of worship for Catholic mall-goers and the communities SM serves.

The 8th Kasalan sa SM mass wedding, officiated by clergy members, brought joy and blessings to the newlyweds who celebrated their union with loved ones. This event not only strengthens the bond of marriage but also underscores SM Group's commitment to upholding Filipino Catholic faith and fostering strong family values within the community.

Mass_Wedding_8Melchor and Cheene Bausin take a step towards forever.

SM_Mass_Wedding_916 couples, including members of the SM SuperMoms Club Facebook community, SM employees, and members of the public, participate in the mass wedding.

SM_Mass_Wedding_10A sacred moment as Reverend Father Rey Reyes, the officiating priest (right), blesses Carl Jason (center) and Donna Jean De Luna (left).

SM_Mass_Wedding_11Joseph and Jezebel Carcer proudly display their wedding rings.

SM_Mass_Wedding_12Mary Rellin (center) and Ardyn Lubigan (right) exchange wedding array coins as a symbol of unity.

SM_Mass_Wedding_13Jhowanna Marie and Brian Centeno share their learnings during the wedding ceremony.

SM_Mass_Wedding_14Jennifer and Joel Pagador reflect on their special day at the wedding reception.

SM_Mass_Wedding_15A celebratory first dance for Marivic and Sherwin Corpuz.

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