SM Quiz Time: Can You Name These OG Gadgets? | SM Supermalls
Fancy a blast from the past? This Cyber Month, we honor the OGs of tech for our current generation, a.k.a. nostalgic devices that many of us—er, the older ones—loved and grew up with! 

The mechanics: Simply choose the correct name of the “old-school” gadgets on our list and make sure you get at least 8 out of 10 points. Five lucky winners will each get 3,000 worth of SM gift certificates, which you can use to shop ASAP (there’s a Great Gadget Sale happening, ICYDK!).

How retro can you go? Click below to begin.


Time Left: 01:30
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 1 | SM Supermalls
Cool kid ka no’n when you have this Japanese virtual pet as your alaga! It sleeps, gets hungry, and even poops.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 2 | SM Supermalls
These clip-on devices were used to receive short messages back in the day. Ang catch: The sender has to dictate them to an operator by phone!
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 3 | SM Supermalls
Remember the cassette tape era? This was the “It” portable music player back then, allowing peeps to bring their fave tunes with them everywhere.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 4 | SM Supermalls
This iconic Nokia model was the *starter* phone for many ‘90s kids, well-loved for its tough shell, pocket-friendly size, and built-in Snake game.

Before the Nintendo DS and Switch came this handheld console that was a hit among gaming boys (*hint!*) and girls of three decades ago.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 5 | SM Supermalls
Coaster yaaarn? The younger generation will never understand what the older ones had to go through to keep files “safe” in this OG storage unit.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 6 | SM Supermalls
A level-up from the Betamax, this tape carries movies in a longer case and can be rented from your “suki” video store. Basta rewind before return, okay?
 SM Quiz Time: Question No. 8 | SM Supermalls
The iPhone’s oldest lolo, this music-playing device quickly became the world’s favorite MP3 player in the early 2000s.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 9 | SM Supermalls
Preferred groupmate ka noon in school if you have this! You use it to play both CDs and tapes—great for “practicing” for class performances.
SM Quiz Time: Question No. 10 | SM Supermalls
QWERTY kayo diyan? This fruit-sounding-smartphone was preferred by corporate folks because of its emailing feature.

Five winners will be selected via electronic raffle and announced through the SM Supermalls Facebook page. Each winner will be contacted by an SM Representative via SMS and e-mail.

Fuel your tech whims this Cyber Month, happening until August 31, 2023! Don’t miss out on amazing deals during the Great Gadget Sale and make sure to catch the fun activities at Gamecon and Geek Fair.

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