February at SM Supermalls is bursting with double celebrations: the vibrant energy of Chinese New Year and the romantic spirit of Valentine's Day. To kick off the festivities, put your luck and love knowledge to the test in this True or False quiz. Is the red envelope a lucky charm or a love curse? Can you find your true love by eating dumplings on New Year's Eve? 

Answer at least 8 questions correctly and unlock your chance to be one of 10 lucky winners of Php 2,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates! So, are you ready to test your fate and fortune? Take the quiz now and see if love and luck are on your side! Afterwards, be sure to plan your trips to SM Supermalls and join the fun with our Luck in Love festivities happening all month long—from the Luck in Love Feast to the Luck in Love Fair!

Ready to take the quiz? Let’s start!

Time Left: 01:30

True or False: Yellow is considered an auspicious color in Chinese culture, especially in matters of love.

True or False: The Bagua mirror is often used in Chinese homes to enhance luck and protection in relationships.

True or False: Lighting fireworks during Chinese New Year is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

True or False: Tying red strings on fingers is a Chinese tradition believed to connect destined couples.

True or False: The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and joy, often associated with love in Chinese culture.

True or False: The Year of the Rabbit comes after the Year of the Dragon.

True or False: Giving ampao, or red envelopes, with money during Chinese New Year is a tradition believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the recipient.

True or False: Eating tikoy, a sweet rice cake, during Chinese New Year is believed to bring sweetness and good luck throughout the year.

True or False: The Lotus flower is considered a symbol of purity and enlightenment in Chinese culture.

True or False: The practice of gifting potted plants during Chinese New Year is believed to bring longevity and prosperity to relationships.

A total of 10 winners will be selected via electronic raffle and announced through the SM Supermalls Facebook page, so be sure to follow SM Supermalls on Facebook. Each winner will be contacted by an SM Representative via SMS and e-mail.