Ran out of furbaby supplies?

Reminder to all fur parents: Your pets highly depend on you, especially in stocking up on their essentials. Food is definitely on top of the list—and since the way to most furbabies’ hearts is through their stomach, it is one of the essentials that often run out fast.

But worry not because the SM Malls Online app offers same-day delivery for PETS, including yummy meals like the Pedigree Adult Chicken Chunks in Gravy Wet Dog Food 130g. This wet food offers complete and balanced nutrition with Omega 6, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

You can also order daily vitamins and supplements like the Liverolin Cat and Dog Appetite Enhancer 200mL to help keep your pets always healthy and energetic. Other supplies like the Jolly Triangle Cat Litter Box Blue P666 are also available for same-day delivery, which comes in handy if you’re welcoming a new feline friend into your home or need a replacement litter box for your beloved kitties.


Shop for home must-haves

Got a busted lightbulb you need to replace? You can conveniently order the Philips UFO LED Bulb 15W – Cool Daylight to enjoy a warm white light that lasts long and gives significant energy savings. Think the power outlet is a bit too far? The Omni 4-Gang Extension Cord with Switch WER-103 gives you an instant solution with its 2m long power cord connected to a universal outlet for all plugs, so you can power up any gadget at any time.

Need a portable fan to carry around different areas of your home or keep in case of emergencies? The Firefly FEL6115 7” Rechargeable Fan With Night Light has you covered with up to 4 hours of run time depending on its speed setting.

These quick fixes for your space, alongside other essentials, decors, and more, can be accomplished ASAP thanks to same-day delivery on the SM Malls Online app for HOME.


Refill your beauty and wellness stash

Did you only realize that your favorite skincare products and toiletries need a refill at the last minute? Don’t worry, the SM Malls Online app’s same-day delivery option for BEAUTY & WELLNESS is your ultimate savior. Stock up on everything you need for a fresher and more radiant version of yourself, including beauty must-haves like the MASTER Deep Cleanser Oil Control Max 225mL, which helps you avoid pimples by removing deep-seated dirt and excess oil from your face.

Keep your overall hygiene in its best condition as well with products like the Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 250mL and Safeguard Pure White Body Wash 720mL, which are essential for oral and body care. With these beauty and wellness products available whenever you need them thanks to same-day delivery, you can always look, smell, and feel good.


Stock up on health essentials

Your health should always be your top priority, so make sure you never run out of vitamins and medicines to protect your body from any sickness. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure—so always have enough stocks of immunity boosters like Fern C Plus+ 500mg/10mg capsule for your daily intake.

If you feel a sudden headache coming, rest up and give yourself Tylenol Extended-Release Tablets 650mg 50s - Paracetamol quickly before your condition worsens. These vitamins and medicines are available for same-day delivery on the SM Malls Online app—along with other must-haves for HEALTH like the OPTI FREE Pure Moisturiser Contact Lens Solution 300ml, which is a moisturizing disinfectant that kills any possible microbes on your contact lenses before they end up on your eyes.


Need some last-minute gifts?

In case you forgot a special occasion or suddenly got invited to someone’s party, don’t panic just yet—because the SM Malls Online app has a wide selection of great products under GIFTING that are available for same-day delivery.

Come in clutch for any occasion with the Oppo Wireless Earphone Enco Buds2 Moonlight as a gift for any techie, or get the Adidas Adicolor Classic Festival Bag as a practical but stylish gift for any age. If you’re looking for something on the fancier side for someone extra special, the Timex Viewpoint 3-hand 43mm is also a great gift idea you can get at the last minute.


Other things you need for daily life

Found new hobbies like baking to spice up your life? The SM Malls Online app also has everything you need—from tools to ingredients—available for same-day delivery so you can hone your skills whenever you want. Order baking essentials as soon as you see them from tutorials, or get a refill for ingredients like sugar or chocolate chips ASAP so you don’t lose momentum. Aside from baking goods, you can also find all sorts of everyday essentials you didn’t think you’d need on the SM Malls Online app—all available for same-day delivery!

If you think you’d need same-day delivery to score urgent essentials often, here’s a bonus money-saving hack you’d want to consider: Get an Unlimited Same-Day Delivery subscription on the SM Malls Online app for as low as P39 per month! This subscription will come in handy for any unexpecwted situation, and all you need is a minimum spend of P300 to enjoy it.

So what are you waiting for? Shop Same-Day, Deliver Today—para #KayaToday!

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