This Independence Day, SM Center San Pedro joins forces with the local government to breathe new life into San Pedro City's renowned Sampaguita industry. The Philippines' national flower has long been a source of livelihood for San Pedrenses, and SM Center San Pedro's initiative aims to empower local Sampaguita makers and ensure the tradition thrives for generations to come.

The event aims to revive and preserve this precious tradition, providing a hands-on experience for young and old alike. Shoppers were treated to a chance to learn the art of Sampaguita garland making, not just witnessing the process but actively participating in creating these fragrant necklaces. This immersive experience fostered a deeper appreciation for the skill and dedication required of San Pedro's Sampaguita makers.

Students_of_the_Polytechnic_University_of_the_Philippines___San_Pedro_experience_the_art_of_garland_making_at_SM_Center_San_PedroStudents of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - San Pedro experience the art of garland making at SM Center San Pedro.

Students_get_a_hands_on_lesson_in_Sampaguita_garland_makingStudents get a hands-on lesson in Sampaguita garland making.

A_college_student_learns_to_thread_tradition_by_participating_in_a_Sampaguita_garland_making_activityA college student learns to thread tradition by participating in a Sampaguita garland-making activity.

The flourishing Sampaguita industry plays a crucial role in enhancing the livelihood of San Pedrenses. SM Center San Pedro, in collaboration with the local government, is revitalizing the Sampaguita industry in the community.

This initiative by SM Center San Pedro, in collaboration with the local government, goes beyond just celebrating the Sampaguita. It's a testament to their commitment to preserving cultural heritage and empowering the local community. By fostering appreciation for this time-honored tradition and equipping younger generations with these skills, they ensure the sweet fragrance of the Sampaguita, and the livelihoods it supports, will continue to bloom for years to come.

A_young_shopper_learns_the_art_of_Sampaguita_garland_making_from_a_San_Pedro_Sampaguita_makerA young shopper learns the art of Sampaguita garland making from a San Pedro Sampaguita maker.

Stanley_Oriondo_and_Veronica_Berroya_sampaguita_makers_from_San_Pedro_teach_mall_shoppers_to_thread_the_Sampaguita_buds_into_leisStanley Oriondo and Veronica Berroya, sampaguita makers from San Pedro, teach mall shoppers to thread the sampaguita buds into leis.

An_SM_shopper_receives_a_free_lesson_from_a_San_Pedro_Sampaguita_maker_on_how_to_make_garlands_and_liesAn SM shopper receives a free lesson from a San Pedro Sampaguita maker on how to make garlands and leis.