The most epic time of the year is just around the corner, and we can't keep calm! There’s nothing quite like the Christmas vibe, where the cool air is filled with so much fun, laughter, love—it's basically happiness on steroids!

And come on, let's spill the tea: one of the many reasons we love Christmas is because of the shopping spree we get to do. It's that magical time when you can shop ‘til you drop without feeling that guilt trip. Why? Because it's not just about treating yourself, it's also about showering your loved ones with love through epic gifts.

with the economy acting all crazy and inflation going through the roof, you might be thinking, "Should I really splurge this year?" The answer? Heck yes! Especially if you're smart about it and know where the real deals are.

Check out these 5 shopping hacks that'll help you sleigh the holiday season without breaking the bank:

Make A List, Check It Twice


Before you hit up your fave SM Supermall, jot down all the people you love and plan on giving gifts to. Making this list will help you stay on track and not spend unnecessarily. Plus, it's totally cool to keep it exclusive and give gifts to your ride-or-die crew. It makes the present game extra personal, don’t you think?

Set a Budget, Stay Real


Let’s be real, money doesn’t grow on trees, even though we wish it did. When going Christmas shopping, it’s important to set a budget.  It keeps your spending game in check and lets you focus on what really matters. If it ain’t on your list or within your budget, let it go or think of it as a "maybe next time” vibe.

Take Advantage Of Sales


A lot of stores are most definitely going on sale this holiday season, so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements. Follow their social media pages, subscribe to their newsletters—be in the know when those sales hit. Saving cash while bagging dope gifts? Yes, please!


Get Crafty

Handcrafted gifts are lit. Not only do they show you put thought into their present, but they also scream, "Hey, you're worth every bit of my time and effort!"  There are a lot of arts and crafts stores that are found in SM Supermalls nationwide, so unleash your creativity and let those imaginative vibes flow!


And oh, here's another rad idea: whip up some culinary magic for your squad! SM Supermarket has all the ingredients you need to craft that mouthwatering recipe you've been itching to share. Trust me, folks, the quickest way to steal anyone's heart is through their taste buds!


Don’t forget: #EverythingsHereAtSM

SM Supermalls got you covered! From the latest fashion to accessories, SM Department Store has it all without wrecking your wallet. And it's not just the department store – SM Supermalls all over the Philippines are packed with awesome stores. You'll find something for everyone, saving you not just money but also time and energy. Easy peasy, right? 


Remember these hacks, and you'll slay your gift game and still have moolah for your festive feasts. Christmas vibes hit differently in the Philippines, and the best Christmas vibe is always at SM Supermalls!


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