If there’s a goal that we’re sure you’ve added to your 2024 list, that would be traveling. We know you already imagined yourself getting your passport stamped, boarding a plane, and living the good life in another place so many times this month. But we also know you’ve been thinking of the ~stress~ that comes with traveling—and that is what to pack without missing anything. We say: A well-prepared tourist will enjoy the most during their vacation!  And so below, all the travel essentials you need to bring for your future trip:

Travel documents

Let’s start with the *most important* stuff that will allow you access to another location. This includes your passport, travel visa, plane ticket, boarding pass, travel insurance, vaccination ID, and proof of accommodation reservation. Make sure to have a photocopy of these (and digital copies as well) and place them inside a water-resistant envelope.

Morning Glory Plastic Envelope, P79, National Bookstore


Travel pillow

Bye-bye, annoying stiffed neck! Choose a travel pillow that can adjust to the movement of your body to ensure superb comfort throughout your flight.

Fitting Neck Cushion, P995, MUJI


Clothes and innerwear

There are already a given but if you want to avoid excess baggage charges (and have room for more outfits during your shopping day), bring clothes that you can wear with anything such as a pair of jeans and a white top. For undies, have extras in basic colors just in case of emergencies. Include an eye mask while you’re at it for some quality Zzzs.

Wide-leg high-waist Jeans, P1,495, Zara


Extra Fine Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt, P990, Uniqlo


3pk Flexifit™ No VPL High Rise Shorts, P1,050, Marks & Spencer


STJÄRNANEMON Eye Mask in Gray-Green, P179, IKEA


Shoes and slippers

We reco using just one pair of classics for your entire trip (AKA what you’ll be wearing at the airport) to save space. It can look good in any OOTD, specifically if they’re white sneakers. Add slippers inside your luggage, too, for casual walks and beach adventures.

Stan Smith Shoes, P5,300, Adidas



A reminder for toiletries: Everything should be travel-size. Your must-bring list should include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, handwash, hand sanitizer, body lotion, hand cream, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, wet wipes, sanitary pads, cotton swabs, nail cutter, and perfume/mist.

Sweet Travel Bottle Set, P129, Miniso


Med Guard 70% Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes 50s


A Thousand Wishes Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist, P550, Bath & Body Works



They say that you feel confident when you look good, so bring your makeup faves with you on your trip! Our non-negotiables are sunscreen and lip balm. Other items to put in that makeup bag are skin tint (for a less cakey feel), blush, eyebrow pencil with a spoolie, lipstick, loose powder, mascara and eyelash curler, and setting spray.


Belo Sunexpert Dewy Essence Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++ 50ML Buy 1 Get 1, P449.75, Belo 


MAYBELLINE Fit Me Fresh Tint SPF 50/PA+++ 30ML with Vitamin C 30ml, P279, LOOK


ISSY Lip Bullet in Muse, P329, LOOK 


You can never predict the weather—one day it’s sunny and the next thing you know, there’s already a downpour. Carry a foldable umbrella anywhere you go.


Umbrella, P599, H&M


Be ready for emergencies by having the essential medicines (for headache, motion sickness, pain relief, diarrhea, fever, antihistamines, and cough) in a pill box along with the basics for first-aid (alcohol, thermometer, band-aid, antiseptic, and gauze, to name a few).


Cetirizine HCl 6 + 1 10mg per Tablet, P90, Watsons


Band-Aid Adhesive Bandage Strips 50pcs, P83.75, SM Markets


Life hack: Buy a universal adapter plug to save yourself from stress upon arrival. This is because other countries don't have the same socket as the ones we use in the PH. Apart from this, add a power bank, mini fan, and extra cables to your cart (we already know you’re bringing your phone’s charger and earphones).


Universal Socket Adapter 10A - WUA-002, P52, OMNI


Havit Powerbank with Led Lights PB63, P799, SM Stationery


Although it’s the ~era~ of convenience and everything is done cashless, some establishments still prefer paper bills as a mode of payment such as street food stalls. Bringing extra cash (have them exchanged at the airport) is also handy in case technology is not on your side during your travel (read: low to no internet connection).


Faux Croc Wallet in Purple P899, Monki


Some trips might delay your meal schedule or suck the energy out of you. Munch on snacks while you’re on the go, preferably those that will boost your energy and keep you awake, i.e.: Trail mixes, dark chocolate, and candies.


Trophy Farms Nuts n Chocolate Trail Mix 56g, P149, Healthy Options


Chupa Chups Sour Bites 20g, P15.50, SM Markets

And where should you put all of these? Inside aesthetic yet sturdy luggages which you can view here. Don't forget to visit smsupermalls.com and follow SM Supermalls on Facebook, Tiktok,  Twitter, and Instagram for more travel tips!


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