Promo period: October 19, 2020 (12MN) to December 14, 2020 (11:59pm)


  1. Share Hope with SM Campaign is a digitized gift mailbox wherein customers can submit their holiday wishes for their nominated front line worker.
  1. #ShareHopeWithSM mechanics will be announced on the SM Supermalls Christmas microsite, social media pages, mall posters, customer service robots, and digital directories in the participating malls.
  1. In order to join, participants can submit their letters by:


       a. Visiting the microsite:
       b. Accessing the SM Supermalls Facebook chatbot;
       c. Accessing the SM Viber bot


      A form needs to be filled out with the following information:

       a. Full name
       b. Age
       c. Address
       d. E-mail Address (/Parent’s E-mail address for minors)
       e. Name of nominated front liner
       f. Nature of job of the front liner
       g. Story of hope of the nominated front liner (maximum of 500 words)
              a. Front line workers is defined as healthcare workers, workers that offer essential services and products, workers for public health and safety
              b. Guide questions:
                  i. Why does the nominated front line worker deserve a special gift this Christmas?
                 ii. How does the nominated front line worker inspire you?
                 iii. What do you admire most about the front line worker?
        h. Photo with/of the front line worker
        i. Contact number of the front line worker
        j. Email address of nominee
       k. Preferred mall to claim the prize

Once the form has been sent, customer will be directed to the ‘THANK YOU’ page. Customer has the option to share the weblink on his/her social media pages.


Customer will be receiving a confirmation email that the electronic letter has been received by the #ShareHopeWithSM team.

4. How to determine the winners:

  • For the entries to be valid and qualified, the following must be considered:
    • Nominated person is a front line worker in the above mentioned industries
    • Narrative describes the nature of work of the front liner in 500 words
    • Photo with/of the front liner
    • One (1) unique customer = One (1) valid raffle entry
    • Winner may only win once for the promo duration
    • Multiple submissions of the same person will only equate to one (1) unique raffle entry—only the first entry submitted shall be valid
  • Five (5) qualified winners/wishes will be granted within the promo period.
  • Employees of SM and its affiliates, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity, are disqualified to join the promo.
  • Recipient of the gift certificate prize will be the nominated front liner
  • Entries will be accumulated weekly, which means non-winning draws will still be included in the next draw dates.
  • All entries will be included in the remote electronic raffle draw with the presence of a DTI Representative.
  • Criteria:
    • Employed NGO/LGU/private worker for essential products and services
  • Verification:
    • Full name
    • Nature of work
    • Proof of employment/work (valid ID)

Draw dates


 October 26

P10,000 worth of SM GCs

 November 9

P10,000 worth of SM GCs

 November 23

P10,000 worth of SM GCs

 December 7

P10,000 worth of SM GCs

 December 16

P10,000 worth of SM GCs

                    Prize is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash

 5. Announcement of Winners will be following this schedule:

              Winner 1: November 3
              Winner 2: November 16
              Winner 3: November 30
              Winner 4: December 14
              Winner 5: December 30

One winner will be announced as scheduled above. Announcement of winners will be done via the SM Supermalls digital assets.

6. Winner and nominee shall be notified via their registered mail, email, and SMS confirmation. A proof of consent shall be provided for sharing of the stories and photos. Nominee shall claim the prize in the preferred mall as indicated in the registration form. The winning story and photo will be published in SM Supermalls digital assets.

7. Prize is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash.

8. Winners will be given 60 days from the day of notification/ announcement to claim the prize. Prize will be forfeited in favor of SM in case the prize is not claimed within 60 days. Prizes will be claimed at the mall administration office. Unclaimed prizes shall be forfeited and disposed according to the discretion of the sponsor with concurrence of DTI.

9. The Winner must present the following to an authorized SM Supermalls representative when claiming the prize:

  • One (1) valid ID with complete real name, age, gender, picture and complete address. Photocopy of any of the documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage contract, SSS ID, driver’s license, school ID and/or passport)
  • If the winner is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/s or legal guardian
  • Proof of e-mail notification that the said participant is a winner

Control Measures:

  1. A DTI representative shall be invited to a Zoom call for a remote checking, testing, validation, and verification of the computer system for receiving entries and registration, assigning random computer-generated raffle entries, and drawing of winners. A copy of the said system shall be electronically signed by the DTI representative for safekeeping of Digify, Inc. for verification of DTI anytime.
  2. A softcopy of the properties of the program shall be given to the DTI Representative after verification. The DTI representative shall check the database of the promo.
  3. A DTI representative will be invited to the remote drawing of the raffle winners as scheduled.
  4. Digify, Inc. will generate a list of qualified participants/entries before the draw.
  5. Raffle numbers will be assigned at random to all qualified participants in the presence of the DTI representative before drawing winners.
  6. A copy form shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by a DTI representative for safekeeping of Digify, Inc. and for verification of DTI anytime until all prizes are claimed.
  7. The first and last number shall be shown on screen before drawing of winners.
  8. Winners shall be drawn one at a time using the randomly assigned raffle number.
  9. Four (4) reserved entries per mall shall be drawn. The reserved entries shall be numbered and the first reserved entry drawn shall be declared as the winning entry just in case the winner is ruled by the Board of Judges as disqualified with approval from DTI. Process continues until a winner is found.
  10. After the winner is determined, it will be verified from the generated list by a Digify, Inc representative and the DTI representative. A soft copy of the generated list of qualified participants and assigned raffle entry shall also be given to the DTI representative.
  11. The list of winners will be given to the DTI representative after determination.
  12. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be submitted to the DTI representative after each witnessed draw.
  13. Database / list of participants shall include name, age, e-mail address
  14. All complaints and queries regarding this promotional activity shall be attended by SM Supermalls hotline that may be reached by dialing (+632) 876-1111 from Monday-Friday at 10am-5pm.
  15. Shopping Center Management Corporation reserve the right to disclose and publish names, photos and other information of the winners in any mode or manner, as relevant to the Promotion, in any mode or manner as they may deem appropriate.
  16. By accepting the prize, the winner should agree to the following terms and conditions of Shopping Center Management Corporation.
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