That sweat on your forehead right now is telling you that summer is here, but that may not be the only reason! We know how hard families have had it this past year, and the learning setup has been especially hard for the kids. Most of us have resorted to just winging it altogether. That is why it’s important to reward ourselves and our kids for a job well done!

This summer, do away with all the academic stress and enjoy some downtime with the kids. There’s no telling when we can go back out there safely yet, and while we’re all waiting for the pandemic to pass, let’s make our summer at home count with ShopSM and Toy Kingdom!

Move Your Bodies

 All those hours we logged in front of the screen must have left us mentally exhausted. Now’s the best time to unwind and release all that pent up energy. Growing children, no matter their age, always need to be moving. And when you’ve prepared an environment conducive to movement, you will feel better about letting the kids be “malikot.”

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Those of us who may have the space at home can take this time to teach the kids how to ride a bike. Smaller children can start off with Strider balance bikes. Bigger kids can still roll with a balance bike if they are just starting out. This Strider balance bike with pedal kit will easily convert to a small bike once they find their groove.

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The Hauck Lighting Go Kart Pedal and Hauck Speedster Pedal Go Kart for kids takes play to a whole new level and are suitable for kids who may not take to bikes. Meanwhile, kids and adults alike will find a cool new hobby with the Traxx line of scooters available at Shop SM!


If you happen to have the outdoor space, the whole family will certainly get to cool with these backyard-friendly inflatable pools. Toy Kingdom has it in every size. Bigger families will certainly appreciate the elongated blue pool by Bestway. If you only have one or two small children who might only want to splash, then this Intex Round Watermelon Pool will suit them great! Don’t forget the inflation pump and get a Bestway Air Hammer along with these fun contraptions!

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Images from Toy Kingdom Online 

If water play is not your kind of fun, or if you don’t have the space outdoors, the inflatable pools can serve as indoor ball pits. Tuck a mattress under it and fill it with Intex Fun Ballz for a really awesome time!


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Kids also need to build their rhythm. Classic movement toys like skipping ropes and hula hoops will challenge kids to learn fun new tricks while allowing their gross motor skills to further develop. 

Get down and dirty outdoors with these challenging games you can play on the lawn, such as the Game On Darts. Team games like the Can Slam, Spin Toss, and Trampoline Ball, are a fun way for children to learn cooperation, as well as grace. This is also a great way for them to catch their Vitamin D!

Dive Into Pretend Play

Screen-time was the inevitable solution for many families. While it addressed what otherwise would have been an academic gap year, it took a toll on both children and parents as hours and hours of online classes have left us all pretty drained.


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Pretend play, however, is a great remedy as children are able to work out issues they are currently facing and apply problem-solving skills. This shopping cart is a welcome addition to the playroom while we do online groceries in the meantime. Go all out with pretend play by adding a complete play kitchen set to the repertoire.

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Toys like the Janod Little Pastry Set and the Top Bright Cleaning Set are some of the adorable playsets that will allow children to engage in imaginative play, mirroring practical life. Children love to do as they see, and these will surely keep them engaged for hours without getting burned out!

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Older kids who can engage in deeper play would love dollhouse items such as Top Bright’s Pretend Play Bedroom Set

 Get Back to Basics

Just because a toy is simple, that doesn’t mean they have less to offer. In fact, simpler toys foster creativity and make room for deep, open-ended play. Blowing bubbles may seem idyllic, but other than being fun, it actually helps with speech development through lip-rounding! Twisty Petz, on the other hand, are great for developing nimble fingers. And don’t count out the Rubik’s Cube! You’d be surprised how many hours of kid boredom can be staved off by playing with these classic widgets.

Challenge Them In a Fun Way

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Gaming is another way the whole family can get in on the fun. Clear out a table and get down to business with family favorites like Monopoly and The Game of Life

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Encourage friendly competition and foster a love for words with Word Factory and Uno Cards. Siblings can hash things out over a game of 4 in a Row and Digging Hole.

 Don’t Forget The Senses

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Different kids have different levels of sensitivity, and when we are aware of this, we can provide them with the right tools to stimulate all five senses, and more. Kinetic Sand and Play Doh products are some of the favorites when it comes to sensory play as they don’t spill and are easy to clean!

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For those who like to scribble, these scented Crayola goodies are a treat and will add a sensory element to drawing and artwork. Fans of the movie franchise Trolls will also delight in this stunning 110-piece art case found at the SM Store.

Make sure to check the full line of play essentials, activities, and games from Toy Kingdom and ShopSM to keep the whole family! You may Call to Deliver or shop straight at your favorite SM mall.

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