How Cyberzone Game Fest 2023 Supports the Grassroots Gaming Community Scene

How Cyberzone Game Fest 2023 Supports the Grassroots Gaming Community Scene | SM Supermalls 

Online gaming is an industry in the Philippines that just keeps on growing. In fact, revenues showed exponential growth in 2022 compared to previous years. Whether it's on a gaming console, a mobile phone, or a computer; one thing is for certain: gaming has gained a lot of traction among Filipinos, particularly among the youth.

SM Cyberzone, the largest chain of IT retail stores in the Philippines, has long been aware of this; even pioneering the community eSports scene since 2014 and through the years, the brand has done all that it can to support the grassroots gaming community. SM Cyberzone built gaming programs that have been recognized all over the country from 2016 to 2019, and continue to innovate the tournament scene in collaboration with global eSports organizations.

This year, SM Cyberzone is once again giving the spotlight to the Filipino gaming industry through Cyberzone Game Fest 2023. Happening in select SM Malls nationwide from March to May, Cyberzone Game Fest is now on its eighth year and as always, we promise to provide exciting eSports tournaments and the best gaming gear to everyone who needs and wants them.

Get your hands on tech-assured gadgets and accessories during SM Cyberzone Game Fest 2023 | SM Supermalls

In today's day and age, where everyone is glued to their gadgets for work or entertainment, we aim to help you power your passions with #TechAssured gadgets and tech accessories. During Cyberzone Game Fest 2023, we highlight this by focusing on Filipino gaming, specifically eSports.

The Gaming Arena: Valorant Community Tournament

Look forward to an epic gaming arena, where we will host the Valorant Community Tournaments on each of the malls that we will be visiting. Head over to this link to know more and register your team.

The Gamers Lounge and The Retro Zone

We are also going to have exciting interactive areas that is sure to inspire and entertain. The first area is called Gamers Lounge, where you can experience a fully decked out gaming set up completely powered by PC Express and ASUS. We also have a nostalgic area called Retro Zone which aims to bring back memories of your favorite games and allow the younger generation to experience the older classic consoles

Highlight on Local Game Developers

We have also partnered with GDAP or the Gaming Developers Association of the Philippines to highlight some of our local gaming developers and the exciting games we have produced in the country. This is to help and inspire local gamers to develop their own games and turn their concepts into a playable reality.

Exciting Deals and Promos!

Cyberzone Game Fest wouldn’t be complete without the awesome tech deals and promos from our participating tenants! From March 3 to May 28, gamers can get first dibs on exclusive deals and discounts on mobile gaming, console, PC, and laptop products. Shoppers can also browse at home and purchase through SM Malls Online where they can enjoy a special promo when they use the GAMEFESTxSMO voucher, click this link to avail or follow the instruction below:

Shop from SM Malls Online App and get P300 OFF using code: GAMEFESTxSMO this SM Cyberzone Game Fest 2023 | SM Supermalls 

If you’re a gamer, you definitely won’t want to miss this year’s Cyberzone Game Fest! Make sure to bring your gaming buddies so you can all #FeelTheCyberThrill together! For all more exciting gaming events and the latest in tech, just #CheckCyberzone.

Cyberzone Game Fest 2023 is co-presented by Smart, PC Express, and ASUS Republic of Gamers.