From a humble business of supplying farm-to-table needs among a string of clients in the Southern part of Davao City, Ira M. Gonzales and her husband eventually decided to open a restaurant with the goal of making organic food accessible and at the same time affordable without compromising quality and taste. Thinking that a partnership with SM Supermalls would be a great avenue for them to uphold their advocacy on organic farming and making organic food affordable, the first branch of The Green Bounty Kitchen opened at SM Lanang Premier in 2017, followed soon after by another branch at SM City Davao in 2019. It’s been an immensely fulfilling experience for them. Three years into the business, Green Bounty is going strong with over 10 employees relying on the company.

The COVID-19 pandemic was particularly difficult for the business. “During these times when buying behavior of the market has focused mainly on basic commodities and “essentials”, making organic food an essential part of the purchase list of the market has become challenging”, shared Gonzales. They adapted by coming up with bundle meals and more to-go offerings, signing up with SM Supermalls’ delivery services, and strengthening their social media presence to reach more customers.




“Green Bounty is thankful for the discounts provided by SM Supermalls during the quarantine. It also helps that almost everyone in SM is highly accommodating of tenant concerns. SM values its tenants by exemplifying genuine care and concern during these times”, said Gonzales. By always being flexible and adaptive and knowing the needs of the market through proper product positioning, The Green Bounty Kitchen becomes the perfect example of how to overcome even the toughest obstacles.