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These days, there’s no bigger flex than being “boosted” amidst the Omicron surge that greeted us all this 2022. Getting a booster shot, after all, adds another layer of defense against COVID-19, helping us further protect ourselves and our loved ones from infection. And if you haven’t gotten your booster yet, you can now get yours at SM’s vax sites nationwide.

But first: What is a booster shot?

Simply put, a booster is an “extra” dose of vaccine that is given after the original or primary series had already been administered. Whereas the original dose teaches the immune system to recognize a specific enemy and produce antibodies against it, the booster shot works to remind the body about what it needs to defend against, enhancing protection.

Who are eligible to receive a booster shot?

According to the Department of Health’s (DOH) latest guidelines, boosters may already be given to adults (18 years old and above) at least three months after the second dose of a primary two-dose vaccine (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, and Sputnik V) or at least two months after the primary single-dose vaccine (Janssen) is given.

Recently got infected with COVID-19? You can still get your booster provided that you’ve finished your prescribed isolation period and did not have a fever in the last 24 hours even without taking medication.

How can I get the jab?

SM has partnered with LGUs across the country to make vaccines more accessible to Filipinos. To register for a booster, check with your respective LGU for the process and requirements. Some SM sites allow walk-ins, but it’s best to verify first before going.

What do I need to bring?

Aside from wearing a well-fitted mask, don’t forget the following essentials:

  • Original vaccination card
  • Valid I.D.
  • Pen
  • Alcohol or sanitizer

What can I expect after getting the shot?

The side effects of a booster shot are generally similar to those of the primary vaccine series and normally go away in one to two days. The usual effects include soreness or redness in the arm or injection site, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, fever, chills, and nausea. In case of allergic reactions (which are rare) or side effects that last for more than a few days, inform your doctor immediately.

That said, it’s important to be ready with a health kit stocked with essentials for yourself and your family members even prior to getting boosted. Check out some of our recommended picks below, available at Watsons stores or via the Watsons website and app. (See Watsons branches here.)

Grab your healthcare essentials at Watsons | SM Supermalls

Images from Watsons

Watsons Paracetamol 500mg tablet, P2/tablet, Watsons
FYI: You can take a painkiller such as paracetamol to alleviate your symptoms after your shot, not before.

Kool Fever Cooling Gel Adult, P53/two sheets, Watsons
These handy sheets absorb and dispense heat effectively to lower the body’s temperature.

Supreme Ear Thermometer, P958.50, Watsons
Monitor temps with ease with this digital thermometer that’s suitable for both kids and adults.

Bewell C Zinc Protect, P7.50/piece, Watsons
Further boost your immune system with a daily dose of ascorbic acid and zinc.

To keep the family healthy, you can also stock up on fresh produce and other pantry essentials at SM Markets and avail of delivery or pick-up services (click here for the online store locator.) Try these healthy grocery picks, which can help you recover faster after a jab:

Stock up on your fresh produce and pantry essentials at SM Markets | SM Supermalls

Images from SM Markets

Ceres Orange Fruit Juice (1L), P101, SM Markets
Fresh is always best, but you can also opt for easy-to-drink juices to load up on vitamins.

Knorr Soup – Nido Oriental, P49, SM Markets
There’s nothing a comforting bowl of soup can’t fix—and this one’s so easy to prepare, too.

Aldi Turmeric Ginger & Lemongrass Tea, P246.50, SM Markets
Aside from providing a soothing drink, the combination of turmeric, ginger, and lemongrass can aid in pain relief and boost immunity.

Purefoods Heat and Eat Chicken Pastel (1L), P490, SM Markets
Don’t have the energy to cook? There are plenty of heat-and-eat options to choose from.

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