Be Greenformed: 5 Steps Towards More Sustainable Living | SM Supermalls

Saving the world might seem like an intimidating feat, but it is possible to make an impact with even the smallest actions. Incremental steps add up to huge leaps, after all—what’s important is that we start now. At SM Supermalls, anyone can say yes to more sustainable living by participating in various programs and activities geared towards minimizing pollution and saving the environment. The best part? You can do your part while you shop, dine, and enjoy your leisure time!

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Dispose of electronics safely with SM Cares’ E-Waste Collection
5 Steps Towards Sustainable Living by SM Cares: Drop your electronic junk at designated e-waste collection bins at SM Supermalls

Got a pile of old phones, busted cords and cables, used up ink cartridges, and other electronic junk lying around in the house? FYI: These e-wastes are considered hazardous because their components contain metals and chemicals that can be harmful for human health.

The good news: You can get rid of them safely—and declutter your home—by dropping off your e-waste in 76 SM malls, with designated collection bins located in the Cyberzone areas, information kiosks, and concierge desks. (You can see the full list of locations here.) Aside from those mentioned above, the initiative also accepts small gadgets such as keyboards, calculators, power banks, earphones and earbuds. For larger electronics, customers may coordinate with the mall administration.

After collection, SM Cares’ accredited partners will transport the items and separate the recyclable parts from the non-recyclable materials. Toxic chemicals will be treated while recyclable parts will be processed into raw material for reuse.

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Practice CLAYGO at the SM Foodcourt5 Steps Towards Sustainable Living by SM Cares: Observe CLAYGO or “clean as you go” policy when you dine in at SM Foodcourt | SM Supermalls

Here at the SM Foodcourt, diners are encouraged to practice the CLAYGO or “clean as you go” policy—a.k.a. EAT-LIGPIT-BALIK—as a way of maintaining cleanliness in the area as well as to promote discipline and respect amongst the #SMFam.

Customers simply have to return their food trays, plates, and utensils to the designated Tray Return Stations after their meals. Aside from minimizing risks to the public’s hygiene, health, and safety, this practice also teaches everyone to be mindful of their own mess and to not solely rely on others to pick up after them. 

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Bring Your Own Bottle and refill your essentials at Watsons5 Steps Towards Sustainable Living by SM Cares: Reduce plastic products and refill your essentials with reusable containers at Watsons | SM Supermalls

With the amount of bath and body products we consume on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that the personal care category is one of the biggest producers and users of plastic containers—for our shampoos, liquid soaps, handwashes, and other hygiene essentials. 

In a bid to reduce waste and push for more sustainable practices in the industry, Watsons is encouraging consumers to bring their own bottles and replenish their products at Refill Stations featuring Naturals by Watsons, available at select stores. Aside from minimizing plastic, customers get to save more, too, by being eligible for special offers on their next purchase.

Visit Watsons for more details. 

Turn Trash to Cash with SM’s Recycling Market5 Steps Towards Sustainable Living by SM Cares: Turn your trash into cash through SM’s Recycling Market | SM Supermalls

Another program to encourage recycling as well as waste segregation among SM mall-goers, the Trash to Cash (TTC) Recycling Market accepts people’s “trash” a.k.a. all kinds of junk from the home—paper, plastics and PET bottles, glass, metal, old kitchen items, etc.—and rewards the consumers for doing so.

Currently available in 74 malls and five SMDC properties (you can find the booth locations here), the recycling market is held every first Friday and Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cash equivalents for trash donations vary per mall and according to the prevailing market price. 

You can enjoy special discounts on Watsons products, too, when you bring in empty packaging of health and beauty products.

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Save the oceans through the Plastic Waste Collection Program 5 Steps Towards Sustainable Living by SM Cares: Help save the ocean and marine life with HOPE’s plastic waste collection program | SM Supermalls

SM Supermalls together with  HOPE a non-profit organization and supported by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Plastic Waste Collection (PWC) program aims to reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans through proper segregation and disposal. Customers may drop off all kinds of plastic wastes—from plastic bags, PET and HDPE bottles, and Styrofoam containers, to sachets, bubble wrap, and e-commerce pouches—at designated locations in 14 SM malls to date, with more sites to be announced soon.

The plastic donations are weighed and hauled by SM’s partner, HOPE, and then brought to valorizing affiliates, which process them into material for cement, paver blocks or planks, and soon, recycled PET bottles. 

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To know more about SM’s community development programs, visit the SM Cares website. Follow SM Supermalls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates. You can check the updated entry guidelines and mall hours for 2023 here.