Summer has arrived! Since we are still pretty much stuck in our homes, we tend to pay more attention to its areas of improvement. Perhaps our living room needs better ventilation. Or maybe we’re cranking up an old air conditioner more, but fear skyrocketing electricity bills.

At the same time, we recognize that our personal physical energy is precious, and mustn’t be depleted if we can help it! Life these days is more taxing and we do owe it to ourselves to be able to sit back and enjoy our homes.

In any case, we don’t need all that extra stress! That is why we’ve rounded up some of today’s most essential home appliances that are sure to lessen your daily load and help you kick back.


Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

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In a time when clean, healthy air is a matter of utmost importance, we all need to make sure that the same is true for the one circulating inside our homes. We are spending a lot more time indoors with our families and some of us are situated in smaller spaces where fresh air is hard to come by. An air purifier ensures that allergens, pollutants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are eliminated. This Sharp Air Purifier does all that and more. With a built-in mosquito catcher, it also has that added perk of sidelining pests that bring another type of disease. 


Condura WCONH009EEV Window Type Air Conditioner with Inverter

Now is a good time to upgrade our air conditioning systems by switching to inverter technology. Summer temperatures mean we’ll only be using our cooling appliances more. No one wants to zoom into a video meeting visibly drenched in sweat, or to be interrupted with perspiring fingers while typing!

With air conditioners turned on day in and day out, you might be concerned with getting a surprise pay cut by way of monthly electricity bills! The good news is inverter air conditioners are more energy-efficient and can cut back your electricity usage by 50% without sacrificing performance.

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This Condura 1-horsepower air conditioner with digital inverter is a window-type unit that can easily replace your old one without having to worry about new placements or additional installations.


RS54N3003S8 Side By Side with Digital Inverter

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This two-door number by Samsung is equipped with numerous dividers and compartments that will help you organize your food and drink items a la Home Edit. Perhaps now with all that space, you can finally do meal planning and be free of daily cooking once and for all!

Conventional refrigerators are known energy hogs, which is a painful thing to think about seeing as they are constantly plugged in and running. However, refrigerators powered by digital inverter technology reduce energy consumption by 40%. They are also noticeably more quiet, which could be helpful in a perpetually full house. 


Bladeless Fan

Sometimes, all that our space needs is proper ventilation. But electric fans are such eyesores and space eaters, right? That is why we almost never see them on Pinterest! And when you have young kids, appliances with spinning blades will keep you permanently on edge. 

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These are the reasons why the Dyson bladeless tower fan is much coveted. It’s quieter, sleek, and actually quite the conversation starter. It can function as an air purifier and can circulate clean air in any room. Get the TP00 model at 15% off only at Shop SM online!


Samsung Washer and Dryer Combo with Digital Inverter

Digital inverters are a welcome upgrade to all major home appliances. Aside from making everything more energy-efficient, they make the appliances last longer with fewer instances of motors and compressors breaking down from the wear and tear brought by conventional setups. This is also true for washing machines.


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The Washer/Dryer combo from Samsung is an all-in-one machine that is ideal in today’s world of small space living. True to digital inverter technology, this is another appliance that does a lot but without all that energy cost. With 14 wash programs, including a self-cleaning mode, this machine will eliminate laborious handwashing as well as line drying.


Toshiba Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

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The most important thing we can do for ourselves this summer is simply to hydrate. For a full house with lots of thirsty mouths, cold water must always be on the ready. Make cooling time quick and let children help themselves to their own glass of water with this Toshiba Hot/Cold water dispenser. Don’t worry, as it comes with a child lock so kids won’t accidentally scald themselves. The water bottle refills are also loaded neatly at the bottom so no need to break a sweat when replenishing your supply!

Eufy G10 Robo Vac 


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For some reason, we never run out of dirt to clean up: crumbs, hair, and the most random tiny bits and pieces. Keeping our floors clean is a cumbersome, robotic yet important task. And that is exactly why this should be delegated to an actual robot. The Eufy G10 Robo Vac is a hybrid— a vacuum and mop— which is perfect for hardwood and non-carpeted floors. This one quietly hoovers around the floor per a schedule you can set via the accompanying Eufyhome mobile app, or on demand. That’s two less things to do this summer while keeping your place still spic-and-span.

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