We Filipinos are all about that food life. We're total foodies! But for us, it's not just about the taste, it's about the vibe. Dining for us is always a celebration. It's all about coming together and celebrating life. Whether it's a birthday bash, an anniversary, or just kickin' it with fam and friends, it's always a vibe with good company and good food.

If you're looking for a foodie paradise, SM City Grand Central's got you covered! They've got a great lineup of restaurants serving up some seriously tasty eats. This summer, let's shine the spotlight on these 8 spots that'll satisfy all of your food cravings. Consider these hot places as your home away from home, where every bite is comforting just like your mom’s cooking.

So, mark these on your map and get ready to taste a world of flavors without having to go outside of the city!

Level 3

Dooki_at_SM_City_Grand_Central_1Photo from: Dookki Philippines on FB

If visiting South Korea isn’t in the cards right now, then grabbing a taste of Seoul in the metro surely is. Here at Dooki, you can eat all the Korean dishes you like and feel like you've stepped straight into a K-drama fairy tale. Dooki’s specialty is the toppoki, which is rice cake swimming in that iconic sweet and spicy red sauce straight out of your favorite dramas. 

Check out: For only PHP 599, you get access to an unlimited refill of fish cakes, vegetables, beef, pork ingredients to make your own version of the Korean tteokbokki. They’re not just about toppoki though, as they also serve samgyupsal, beef, fried chicken, and even kimchi fried rice! Get ready to treat your taste buds to a Korean feast fit for royalty!

Boat Noodle
Level 2

Boat_Noodle_at_SM_City_Grand_CentralPhoto from:Boat Noodle Philippines on FB

If you’re in the mood for some Thai flavor, then a visit to Boat Noodle is a must. Boat Noodle is originally from Malaysia and their brand is all about serving authentic Thai noodles inspired by the floating market in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Don’t be fooled by the small bowls of noodles that they serve as these are packed with flavors that are not only filling, they’re affordable too!

Check out: Get a taste of all the noodles they have on offer by getting the Sampler Set for only PHP 399. The set also comes with your choice of Thai iced tea. They also have on offer other favorite Thai dishes like som tam, pandan wings, and mango sticky rice of course.  

Yabu: House of Katsu
Upper Ground Level

Yabu_at_SM_City_Grand_CentralPhoto from:Yabu House of Katsu on FB

Since opening in 2011, Yabu: House of Katsu has become synonymous to comforting, value-for-money, delicious Japanese-style katsu dishes. They pride themselves in using high-quality ingredients in their wide array of offerings including pork, chicken, fish, and seafood katsu options. Yabu opened its 19th location here at SM City Grand Central, bringing this much-beloved Japanese dish this side of the metro.

Check out: Craving something meaty and oh-so cheesy? Get their Menchi Katsu sets which come in three versions: Menchi Katsu (the OG), Mecnhi Katsu Curry (if you also want that flavorful spice added to the mix), and the viral Menchi Katsu Tornado Omelette (that egg isn’t just tasty, it’s Instagrammable too!). These Menchi Katsus are loaded with mozzarella and aged cheddar cheese for that oomph you’d never get enough of. Cap off your Yabu meal with a cup (or two) of the Hokkaido Soft Cream Kuromitsu Boba Sundae. It’s seriously a must-try!

G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken


Photo from:G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken on FB

In addition to milk teas, Taiwan has also created delicious fried chicken. Luckily, we can enjoy authentic Taiwanese fried chicken without traveling far, as G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken is conveniently located at SM City Grand Central. While the fried chicken is the star of the menu, G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken also offers a variety of other items such as fries, rice dishes, and beverages to complement the main attraction.

Check out: Indulge in the G&G Taiwan Chicken Chops, featuring thick and juicy boneless fried chicken available in original or spicy flavors. Expand your palate with their delicious Toast Noodles, Chicken Wonton Noodle Soup, or Taiwan Misua for a sample of Taiwan's diverse cuisine. Complete your Taiwanese experience with classic milk teas and fruit teas, all conveniently available here, offering a taste of Taiwan without the need to travel far.


Bunny Banana
Lower Ground Level

Bunny_Banana_at_SM_City_Grand_CentralPhoto from:Bunny Banana on FB

After getting your fill of the main dishes, it’s time to get your sweet tooth satisfied and Bunny Banana is the perfect dessert pit-stop. As the first-ever banana-specialty shop, they craft delightful desserts centered around bananas. Whether it's ice cream or smoothies, their unique creations are sure to please everyone, from kids to the kids-at-heart.

Check out: At Banana Bunny, their Banana Split is made of banana ice cream adorned with chocolate chips, strawberry syrup, and Nutella, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. For another delightful treat, don't miss out on the Turon Sundae, blending our beloved local banana delicacy with ice cream, brown sugar syrup, cashews, and langka.

Upper Ground Level


Photo from:llaollao Philippines on FB

Craving something sweet yet healthy? Look no further than llaollao. This European frozen yogurt brand crafts its signature treat using premium ingredients, resulting in a natural, gluten-free, probiotic frozen yogurt with a distinctive texture and flavor. It's no wonder llaollao has become Europe's top froyo brand, and it's gaining popularity in the Philippines too!

Check out: Getting the large llaollao tub is always a treat, with its generous servings of yogurt paired with three toppings of your choice, including popular favorites like strawberry, kiwi, and granola. With llaollao's tubs, the options are limitless. Or you can also indulge in the sanum, featuring three layers of fresh seasonal fruit, two crunchy toppings, natural frozen yogurt, and two sauces, promising a delightful explosion of flavors and textures.

WoudULike Coffee
Level 4


Photo from:WouldULike on FB

Lastly, what’s a food adventure without a cup of coffee? The #1 On-The-Go Specialty Coffee from Korea is in SM City Grand Central, so it’s definitely a must-try for you! According to WouldULike Coffee's website, they use only the finest equipment and premium ingredients from South Korea to prepare fresh drinks for every order, which are then sealed in cans to maintain freshness and temperature.

Check out: While nothing compares to a classic Americano, the Dalgona Caffe Latte is a must-order so you can experience why it's beloved by Koreans. You can also embrace the summer vibes with their special Ube Latte, boasting the sweet and creamy flavor unique to ube. For a refreshing fruity option, don't miss out on the Peach Iced Tea—it's a must-try for cooling down, especially in this scorching heat.

SM Foodcourt


When you're unsure about what to eat and your taste buds can't make up their mind, head to the SM Food Court. With so many choices available, it's a place where you can turn indecision into excitement and try something new every time you visit!

Check out: Discover a world of comfort food at the SM Foodcourt, where there's something for everyone! Try affordable Korean dishes at Mr. Kimbob, like their famous kimchi fried rice. Savor quality steaks at budget-friendly prices from Sizzling Plate. And for seafood lovers, Sea Shack offers a variety of delicious seafood platters ready to tickle your palate.

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