Streaming and chilling is our everyday vibe, but let's admit it—catching a movie at the cinema hits different. The cinema houses are finally back in action, and there's a whole bunch of fresh and exciting titles dropping. Everybody's pumped to see their fave stars on the big screen once again.


As the cinemas are making a lit comeback, it's also time to time to brush up and level up our moviegoer behavior, people! 

Here are some cinema etiquette to keep in mind when catching the latest flicks with the fam at the SM Cinemas:


  • Being punctual just hits different

While streaming has flexible times, cinemas follow a tight schedule. Be at least 30 mins early to snag those tickets, grab your snacks, and get comfy before the movie screening starts. Late entries are soooo not cool and you miss out on epic scenes! It’s better to plan ahead to fully enjoy the cinematic experience.

  • Mind your voice

While streaming allowed for lively discussions during movies, theaters ain’t the place for convos like these. Keep the theater vibe strong by speaking in hushed tones, and respect the experience for everyone watching.

  • #NoSpoilers

This one’s a no-brainer. We get it, you love the movie so much that you’re watching it repeatedly. However, please don’t let your great love for the movie ruin the experience for others by spilling the tea about what happens next. Periodt!


  • Silence your phones

Once, as a Jedi Knight ignited his lightsaber during a Star Wars movie, the usual whooshing sound was unexpectedly replaced by a ringing mobile phone. The timing was oddly poetic, but that ain’t it, chief! Silence your phone before you even step inside the cinema, please.

  • Dim the screen, queen

Bright screens? Major distraction. Lower your phone brightness like a pro before the movie kicks in. Your FYPs and texts can wait. Let’s keep the focus on the big screen. We’re all about that cinema life, after all.

  • Trash talk, of the right kind

Just as you wouldn’t litter at home, refrain from doing so in cinemas. Toss your empty snack wrappers and cups where they belong. Your effort contributes to a clean, enjoyable environment for all patrons.

Watching movies in the theaters is a totally different experience that watching it at home. SM Cinemas are where it's at – big screens, booming sound, all the good stuff! 

  • Mutual Respect is the Key!

The cinema is a spot for everyone to kick back and enjoy some quality time. Keeping that in mind sets the stage for a fantastic movie outing. It's all about flexing those expectations depending on what's showing. And as adults, we're the ultimate role models for the little ones, showing them the ropes for when it's their turn to hit the theaters solo.

Here are some FAQs to guide you in planning your next trip to the movie screen:

Where is SM Cinema located?

Check out the link to find a cinema at an SM Supermalls branch near you:

Are SM Cinema tickets refundable? 

Sorry, tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-cancellable, unless the movie is canceled or the cinema is unable to operate due to technical reasons.

Can SM Cinema tickets be rescheduled? 

Yes, provided the reschedule request is done within 48 hours and the reason is qualified for rescheduling such as wrong branch and others.

What’s the difference between SM Cinema/IMAX/Director’s Club? (Ticket price range, Cinema features, etc.)

SM Cinema is the chain of cinema houses under the SM brand. IMAX, on the other hand, is a special format of film that makes you feel as if you are part of the show. Meanwhile, Director’s Club is a specialized cinema that provides its guests with the VIP experience.

Can I buy SM Tickets using GCash/GCredit/Sodexo? 

Yes, you can.

Does SM Cinema allow outside food? 

You can totally bring your own snacks into SM Cinemas, except for Director’s Club and IMAX. Just avoid bringing rice meals or anything stinky and you’d be good to go!

How to book and how much is a block screening at SM Cinema?

Will send a poster for this

Sure cinemas are now open, but keep on practicing safe malling at SM Supermalls. Follow us on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and X for the latest happenings at an SM Mall near you.



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