Chinabank_and_LinkedINChinabank Chief Finance Officer Patrick Cheng and LinkedIn Learning APAC Head Georgina O'Brien (4th and 5th from left, respectively) sign the renewal contract with (from left) Chinabank Learning & Capability Development Division Head Jonathan Camarillo, HRG Advisor Maria Rosanna Testa, HRG Head Tani Michelle Cruz, (from right) Talent & Acquisition Placement Division Head Josefina Anna Justiniano, and LinkedIn Senior Account Director Shobhit Srivastava.

In line with its commitment to employee development and talent mobility, Chinabank renewed its engagement with LinkedIn for enterprise learning and hiring solutions.  The contract signing took place on June 27 at the Chinabank Academy in Makati City.

Under the renewed agreement, Chinabank employees will continue to have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, internally branded as Learning EDGE (Empowered Talents Driving Growth and Excellence), for another three years, or until 2027. Learning EDGE was launched during the bank’s 102nd anniversary in 2022, empowering Chinabankers with a robust on-demand learning solution to acquire new knowledge and enhance their skill sets.

Chinabank Human Resources Group (HRG), meanwhile, will have access to unlimited Recruiter Seats with the upgrade to LinkedIn Hiring Enterprise Program.  As the bank continues to grow, HRG has been on a hiring blitz, aiming to build the talent pipeline, internally and externally, as effectively and efficiently as possible and to raise Chinabank’s profile as an employer of choice for candidates nationwide.  

"Our partnership with LinkedIn two years ago was a step towards democratizing learning and fostering a culture of continuous learning. We are excited to announce the renewal of this partnership for another three years, introducing the Talent Enterprise Program. This program empowers our employees with self-driven career goal setting and AI-powered skills coaching, enabling internal mobility and further solidifying our commitment to their professional growth,” HRG Head Tani Michelle M. Cruz said.

The focus then, Cruz noted, was to embed a strong learning culture across the Chinabank Group. “Now, our emphasis lies in empowering our employees to take ownership of their career development and mobility. By fostering a sense of autonomy and self-direction, we enable our workforce to proactively shape their professional paths and drive their own success.”

Chinabank was named as the 2023 Employer of the Year by the People Management Association of the Philippines.  The bank was also ranked among the largest companies in the region, making it in the inaugural Fortune Southeast Asia 500 list.