Congratulations, you have finally secured a concert ticket to your favorite artist’s show! We know how excited you are for D-day and by now, you’ve probably listed down the things that you should bring to the event: Your wallet with a valid ID inside, your fandom’s lightstick + extra batteries, a power bank, a portable fan, and some emergency essentials like inhalers and pain relief patches. Of course you can’t forget your mobile phone to ~document~ the concert and have something to reminisce about, so if you’re looking for a new one that will give you *unreal* photos and videos, this curated list will help you choose! 

Samsung S22 Ultra 


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Remember that viral TikTok video where the concertgoer is in the Gen Ad section but the quality of the video she’s taking is VIP-level? It was filmed through the Samsung S22 Ultra—the smartphone made for the best night of your life with its shape-shifting pixels and giant pixel sensors, allowing you to film content that’s as detailed as it can be. No more grainy zoomed-in pics and shaky videos!

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra


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Xiaomi is known for its budget-friendly yet quality devices and the Mi 11 Ultra is just that, compared to its competitors that have higher price tags. With this smartphone, you can shoot content at night that looks like they were filmed during the day. Yup, 8K resolution videos are totally possible! 

Huawei P40 Pro


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Did anyone say professional-level camera? The Huawei P40 Pro brings superior clarity to any photo taken as it’s packed with RYYB sensor, which quickly adjusts to any lighting and background noise so that you don’t have to exert extra effort in capturing the performances of your bias (and biaswreckers). All you have to do is seat, press record, and enjoy the show!

OPPO Reno8 T 5G


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Dubbed “The Portrait Expert,” you can count on the Reno8 T 5G to deliver vibrant snaps and record moments that look and feel alive. Its 108 MP ultra-high-resolution portrait camera and 40x magnification can capture full color and texture even if the subject is almost out of sight. In short, it’s like you’re up close and personal with your favorite stars!  nakatihaya_na_reno_8_t_5g

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