The heat is definitely on! If there’s one thing that we should keep in mind in this scorching hot summer, it’s to drink water from time to time whether we’re at home or outdoors. And how do you stay hydrated in style by also lessening your carbon footprint? It’s to get a tumbler.

Everywhere you look, people are carrying their favorite reusable tumblers. These eco-friendly alternatives to disposable water bottles have surged in popularity, with both established brands and newcomers innovating their designs and offering customization options. But the benefits of tumblers go far beyond staying hydrated. They help reduce plastic waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ready to join the movement? Check out our list below to find the perfect reusable tumbler for you (remember, one or two is plenty to reap the environmental benefits!).

Kleen Kanteen

Price range: P1,950 to P2,850

Live klean and check out the branches here.

Kleen Kanteen has been in the industry for 20 years now, so you can trust their wide range of sustainable and durable insulated tumblers to never fail you. Case in point: They’re certified, leak-proof, and made of 90% recycled steel. Plus, you can add a straw if you want to sip your water (or juice, iced coffee, and wine) instead of gulping it. What a steal!

5 Best Tumbler Brands at SM Supermalls: Kleen Kanteen 32oz Fairytale
Photo from: kleenkanteen_ph on IG

Hydro Flask

Price range: P1,890 to P3,490

Hydrate yourself and choose a tumbler here.

Hydroflask tumblers usually come in one solid color when you purchase them which is a great option for minimalists. They’re created with insulation innovation in mind to keep your water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours and promise that there’s still ice inside when you refill in the morning and check in the afternoon. You can also change lids according to how you want to drink your bev. 

5 Best Tumbler Brands at SM Supermalls: Hydro Flask’s tumblers in Mesa
Photo from: on IG


Price range: P630 to P850

Drink your water in a tumbler and get it here.

Last year saw a huge increase in AquaFlask’s sales thanks to its affordable thermal flasks that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The brand releases a new collection in different sizes now and then, ultimately making it a status symbol. During the first quarter of 2024, Aqua Flask launched their Koi and Sweet Harvest collection while 2023 welcomed the Il Terrazzo, Trek, and Aurora Borealis line.

5 Best Tumbler Brands at SM Supermalls: Aquaflask 40oz Aurora Divine
Photo from: on IG

Sunnies Flask

Price range: P895 to P1,630

Visit SM Megamall to customize your own flask.

There’s a new addition to the super popular Sunnies Studios and it’s Sunnies Flask! What makes it different from other drinkware brands is that you can build your 25oz. doubled-walled insulated dream tumbler and customize it the way you want to. A blue bottle with a lilac cap, pink loop, yellow boot, and free engraving? That’s the Sunnies Flask for you!

5 Best Tumbler Brands at SM Supermalls: Sunnies Flask 25oz in Customizable Colors
Photo from: sunniesflask on IG



Price range: P1,850 to P3,490

Cheers to your newest tumbler which you can buy here.

A Corkcicle tumbler, like what its name suggests, has a cork-shaped silhouette so sustainably stylish that you’ll feel extra confident walking around while carrying it. The American brand’s design was even awarded for being iconic! But the flask is more than just its visual appeal—it’s triple insulated, it allows your water to stay cold for 25 (!!) hours, and is dishwasher-safe.

5 Best Tumbler Brands at SM Supermalls: Corkcicle 32oz Sports Canteen
Photo from: unlimitedmanila and corkcicleph on IG

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