1_Paris_Baguette_is_on_Level_1_near_Ocean_Drive_while_Haidilao_is_located_in_the_Entertainment_MallParis Baguette is on Level 1 near Ocean Drive, while Haidilao is located in the Entertainment Mall, also on Level 1 of SM Mall of Asia.

Give your taste buds a treat as the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) welcomes the first Philippine branches of two well-known restaurant brands, marking a fresh chapter in global dining for Filipinos. Haidilao Hot Pot and Paris Baguette opened in early 2024 and have given Filipino diners two new ways to indulge themselves. 

These additions have become immensely popular. Haidilao Hot Pot, a renowned name overseas with over 1,300 branches in China, Macau, and Hong Kong, opened in January this year. Since then, it’s enjoyed brisk business. 

2_Haidilao_Hot_Pot_offers_a_comfortable_dining_experience_with_light_teal_couches_and_spacious_walkwaysHaidilao Hot Pot offers a comfortable dining experience with light teal couches and spacious walkways.

Complimentary manicures by the entrance entertain waiting diners, while waiters put on a playful show of "dancing noodles" to diners upon request.

3_Diners_can_order_a_plate_of_noodles_that_are_stretched_and_cut_to_thin_strips_in_front_of_them_by_a_dancing_serverDiners can order a plate of noodles that are stretched and cut to thin strips in front of them by a dancing server.

The restaurant’s interactive experience includes personalized sauce-making stations and a variety of soup bases ranging from spicy Szechuan to savory tomato broth. Diners can indulge in a diverse selection of ingredients, including well-liked options such as premium beef.

4_While_waiting_to_be_seated_guests_can_avail_of_a_free_manicure_at_Haidilao_Hot_PotWhile waiting to be seated, guests can avail of a free manicure at Haidilao Hot Pot.


5_Diners_can_choose_up_to_four_different_soups_in_one_pot_including_clear_water_spicy_Szechuan_mushroom_broth_and_tomato_brothDiners can choose up to four different soups in one pot, including clear water, spicy Szechuan, mushroom broth, and tomato broth.

7_Paris_Baguettes_warm_interiors_welcome_diners_into_its_first_Philippine_branch_at_SM_Mall_of_Asia.Paris Baguette’s warm interiors welcome diners into its first Philippine branch at SM Mall of Asia.

Paris Baguette, a beloved South Korean bakery, opened in MOA just a month ago, has already garnered a following. With over 4,000 branches worldwide, Paris Baguette’s first shop in the Philippines upholds the brand’s standards and ensures a satisfying experience.

8_Paris_Baguette_boasts_a_menu_of_123_items_offered_daily_with_plans_to_add_more_Paris Baguette boasts a menu of 123 items offered daily – with plans to add more.

The bakery offers a wide selection from open-faced sandwiches to a variety of pound cakes. Take-home items are individually wrapped for freshness, and well-lit displays make browsing the selection a breeze.

9_Paris_Baguette_offers_a_wide_variety_of_cakes_ensuring_there_s_something_to_satisfy_every_sweet_toothParis Baguette offers a wide variety of cakes, ensuring there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth.


10_Paris_Baguettes_mushroom_soup_is_made_with_real_mushrooms_and_served_in_a_bread_bowlParis Baguette’s mushroom soup is made with real mushrooms and served in a bread bowl.

Special creations for the Philippine market, such as their signature cream cheese ensaymada or their delectable ube cheese tarts, are delightful marriages of global flair with Filipino favorites. Paris Baguette has also expanded their menu to offer more hot meals starting May 22.

11_The_spicy_Bulgogi_cream_pasta_is_one_of_Paris_Baguettes_new_hot_mealsThe spicy Bulgogi cream pasta is one of Paris Baguette’s new hot meals.


12_The_Paris_Baguette_team_at_SM_Mall_of_Asia_is_trained_by_a_Korean_chefThe Paris Baguette team at SM Mall of Asia is trained by a Korean chef.

Paris Baguette and Haidilao Hot Pot join MOA’s host of new dining experiences such as Wildflour, Aperitif, and Uniqlo Coffee. Don’t miss out on a global dining experience at SM MOA.

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