Step into a world where tradition intertwines with modern elegance at "TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan." This landmark event, set for June 10, 2024, at the Museo del Galeón, SM Mall of Asia, promises an unparalleled celebration of Philippine independence, curated by the visionary talents of Jojie Lloren, Cary Santiago, and Jaggy Glarino.

An Inspired Collaboration: SM Supermalls, Bench, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Continuing the legacy of 2023’s Paskong Ternocon at SM Aura, the collaboration between SM Supermalls, Bench / lifestyle + clothing, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) brings a fresh narrative to Filipino cultural celebrations. "TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan" stands as a testament to the synergy between fashion, history, and identity, offering a new lens through which to view Filipino artistry.


The Designers: Crafting a New Filipino Narrative


Jojie Lloren: A Lullaby For My Mother

Jesus “Jojie” Lloren, a paragon of minimalist design and masterful tailoring, brings a deeply personal touch to his collection, "A Lullaby For My Mother." Comprising twelve exquisitely crafted ternos, this collection honors both his mother and the motherland, reflecting Lloren's commitment to preserving and elevating Filipino culture through fashion.


Cary Santiago: Ikonograpiya

Cary Santiago, a name synonymous with intricate and sculptural design, unveils “Ikonograpiya,” a vibrant collection inspired by the Philippine flag and iconic national symbols such as the Sampaguita, mango, jeepney, and sorbetes. Santiago's twelve ternos are a vivid celebration of Filipino pride, embodying the essence of the nation's identity with each meticulously detailed piece.


Jaggy Glarino: Lemlunay

Known for his avant-garde and non-conformist approach, Jaggy Glarino presents “Lemlunay,” a collection that draws on the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao. Featuring nine ternos and three barongs, Glarino’s creations are a dynamic fusion of past and present, showcasing his ability to reinterpret traditional motifs with a contemporary twist.

A Visual and Cultural Exhibit

The "TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan" fashion show will debut with 36 breathtaking looks, with 24 ensembles showcased in an exhibit at the Main Atrium of SM Mall of Asia from June 11 to June 23, 2024. This exhibit offers an immersive experience, celebrating the diverse cultural icons and traditions that define the Philippines.

Experience the New Wave of Filipino Fashion

"TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan" is not just an event; it's a movement. It’s a celebration of independence, heritage, and the artistry that encapsulates the Filipino spirit. Join us for an evening that promises to redefine your understanding of Filipino fashion and culture.

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Mark your calendars and be part of a revolutionary celebration at SM Mall of Asia.