Creative design, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and interactive Japanese dining experience all come together as the third and newest branch of Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura opens its doors in SM Mall of Asia. Regulars and newcomers of the iconic shopping mall can now get their Udon x Tempura fix at this pioneering chain of conveyer Udon restaurants.

Tsurumaru is a popular udon restaurant where customers can quickly partake of Osaka- style hearty and freshly made wheat flour udon noodles paired with a variety of side dishes. It’s a pioneering self-service Udon restaurant concept from Osaka, Japan and reflects the fast-paced, Japanese modern lifestyle. Founded by Mr. Masahiro Fujio, CEO of Fujio Foods System(FFS) Co., Ltd Inc., Tsurumaru Udon x Tempura Restaurant is part of FFS’s numerous food concepts with almost 700 outlets all over Japan and overseas.

Tsurumaru's udon noodles and broth are made from the finest ingredients and are freshly made daily to maintain the quality of the food being served. And as the CEO of Tsurumaru Mr. Fujio said: "Serve warm foods warm and cold foods cold. Always express gratitude, even if with only a few words of endearment and a smile."



With a modern Japanese-style street vibe and an open kitchen, diners can get their food trays and queue at the counter to tell the staff their desired udon or donburi (Japanese rice bowls) preparation along with their choice of side dishes from freshly cooked tempura to delicious and filling omusubi (Japanese rice balls). With its smooth order integration, carefully sourced ingredients, and scrumptious food, dining with Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura is indeed a delightful, uniquely Japanese culinary experience.


Tsurumaru Udon x Tempura (Tsurumaru) is one of the latest dining concepts of the purveyor of authentic and much-loved Capampangan dishes in the Philippines, Cabalen. Cabalen Group of Restaurants acquired the Master License of Tsurumaru for the Philippine territory. It has recently expanded its wings acquiring global brands and flew all the way to Osaka, the culinary capital of Japan to bring us the mouthwatering, most widely eaten Japanese dishes—udon.

Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura is located at Level 1, South Main Mall, SM Mall Of Asia Contact number: +63 976 1926 863 Facebook/Instagram: /TsurumaruP

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