Hungry? Don’t worry, because SM Pasig won’t only satisfy your cravings, but it'll also take your taste buds on a journey across the world! 

Starting December 15, get ready to taste and discover everything from around the world all in one place at SM Pasig’s newly-opened Food Hall. Its main theme is to recreate an outdoor feeling of a community plaza where people can share time and food in a fresh and cozy environment.

Located at the heart of Pasig CBD, the SM Pasig Food Hall brings only the best flavors from all over the globe—under one roof. The culinary collective features seven restaurants and eight food pop-ups. 
Whatever you’re craving is here!


If you are in the mood for pizza, Steveston Pizza– the best pizza house in Vancouver, is here to serve you. Get refreshed with Nine Fresh’s Taiwanese milk tea and other cold desserts. Or if you want something authentically Pinoy, you can have a creamy cup of halo-halo served with the finest ingredients at Halo-Halo Story


Meanwhile, if you are up for freshly cooked seafood, Kitchentable will have it prepared for you. You can also enjoy your favorite Manila-style barbecue meals with your family and friends at Reyes Barbecue. Cap off your food trip with pan-fried Baos made with unique fillings from Xiao Bao; gooey, custardy, mouthful, and big Takoyaki from TakoKaizen; or, some sweet and tasty pastries from Remilly’s Yema Cake


SM Pasig Food Hall has a total floor area of 1,038 sqm so you are sure to experience new food explorations, where each visit is an opportunity to eat fresh world-ly flavors. This refreshed hub with greens, natural wood and warm lights is designed by Arch. Felipe Díaz de Miranda Fernández de Molina from Estudio Arkipelago.

Taste fresh at SM Pasig and don’t miss out on the gastronomic adventure that awaits you! For more information on SM Supermalls’ updated holiday schedule and mall hours, check out this link or follow @SMSupermalls on social media.