Rising prices are always a challenge, but the shock of a high monthly power bill is in a category of its own. One way to cope is to invest in energy-saving smart appliances for the home especially when it comes to the basics: refrigerators, air conditioners, cooktops, TVs, and even washing machines. 


Sure, these smart appliances usually cost more upfront because of their newer technology and advanced features. But in the long run, they’re more cost-efficient—helping reduce your electricity consumption and significantly slashing your bill. (FYI, you can easily pay for your Meralco bill and more at SM Bills Payment counters.)

Lucky for you, when it comes to smart appliances, there’s no shortage of choices at SM Supermalls. Here, we’ve compiled some energy-conserving tips paired with our product picks to benefit your home—and your wallet:


Tip: Buying a new ref? Check the EEF number on the bright yellow sticker.

The EEF (Energy Efficiency Factor) tells you how efficiently your ref uses power to cool its whole area. A higher EEF is more efficient and translates to a lower monthly cost. This can vary widely: For example, in 8 cu-ft refs, the average EEF is 276, but you can get them as high as 550. 


For cooling appliances like refs and aircons, don’t forget to go for inverter-type models. These use a smart compressor that powers down instead of simply turning on or off, using less energy. Remember that the ref is the one appliance we keep on 24/7 and rarely unplug, even when we’re out. So if there’s one energy-efficient appliance to invest in, this is it.


Hot pick: Panasonic 8.7cuft refrigerator NR-BQ241VS (550 EEF), P16,595, SM Appliance



Tip: For aircons, inverter-type models are the way to go—best paired with high EEF.

The Energy Efficiency Rating is the aircon equivalent of the refrigerators’ EEF. Inverter ACs cost substantially more but pay for themselves in lower electricity bills and durability. They are available in both window or wall-type and split, but the savings are especially large with the split-types. If an inverter-type is out of reach, look for an EER of at least 10 on your non-inverter aircon.


Some additional tips for saving power with an inverter air conditioner:

  • Keep it at a comfortable temperature (at 24 to 26 °C) and not on full blast. Research shows that 6% of electricity is saved for every degree you raise the temp. 

  • Make sure the door and the windows are closed to keep the cool air from leaving the room. Pull the curtains, too, to block the sun’s heat.

  • Set a timer so it auto-shuts off late at night or early in the morning when it is naturally cooler.

  • Have it regularly serviced and cleaned. Dirt buildup can make your AC work extra hard, consuming more power.


Hot Picks:

Daikin 1 HP Split-Type Inverter, P31,900, SM Appliance

Dowell 1 HP Wall-Type Inverter, P26,879.20, Ace Hardware 


Tip: Switch to an induction stove or cooktop.

Induction cooking uses pans’ iron and steel as the heat source, instead of traditional coils and burners. This heats up faster, using less power; many can also shut off at a pre-set time or temperature. With no open flame (and no gas consumption!), your kitchen is cooler—a big plus for a small home—and safer for your young, curious kids. You may need to adjust your cooking for the quick heating time and different pans, so many models include a pan with purchase for you to practice on.


Hot Pick:

Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-1650S, P2,995, SM Appliance


Tip: Be conscious of the energy usage of your TV and computer screens.

We buy our TVs and computers for screen size, brightness, and resolution—the same factors that specifically use more electricity. When you’re working by day and gaming or streaming at night, those kilowatts add up. So when comparing otherwise equal sets, check the energy label. Once you’ve chosen, see how you can put it into “energy saving mode” by turning down the brightness, setting an auto-off after a specific time, and turning off the screen if one is just using it for music or podcasts. 


Hot Pick:

Samsung 32” to 65” Class Frame QLED (prices vary), available at Samsung Authorized Dealer Stores


Tip: Swap your lighting with LED bulbs.

Most new light fixtures already use LED bulbs, which consume about 75% less energy. But if you have old fixtures or an old home, this simple change can help a lot.  


Hot Pick: Firefly 3-Pack 5W LED Bulbs, P229, ACE Hardware 



Tip: Go solar where you can.

No budget for solar panels? You can start small with solar-powered LED lights or outdoor use as well as solar emergency lamps. Aside from offering low power usage, they’re very durable and can last you a long time.


Hot Pick: Firefly Rechargeable Solar Emergency Lamp, P1,369.75, The SM Store


Tip: Get smart with plugs, sockets, and other energy-saving devices.

If you find tech fun, try these adaptor-like devices, controlled via their own apps or digital assistants like Alexa. A smart plug can monitor the power used by the appliance plugged into it and be programmed to turn off when the appliance is on standby or overheating. Others double as surge protectors and can be used to set timers and dimmers, switch on security lights, etc.


Hot Picks:

Mi Smart Plug, P699, and Mi Smart Power Strip, P545, available at Mi stores in SM Megamall and SM North EDSA 



Bonus Tips:

Don’t forget to unplug small appliances like electric fans, microwaves, and chargers when not in use. Make sure to get your wiring professionally checked annually, too. This will tell you if someone is illegally tapping into your power line, and help catch the faulty wiring a.k.a. the leading cause of deadly fires.


Ready to shop?

When purchasing appliances and other electronic gadgets, nothing beats seeing and inspecting the items personally. Visit your nearest SM mall to canvass your options, compare choices, and consult with our sales specialists regarding product features, warranty, and more. Don’t worry about pick-up and delivery; you can easily get assistance from the merchant or via the SM Customer Care hotlines: 8876-1111, 0917-876-1111 or 0908-876-1111.  


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Images from SM Appliance, ACE Hardware, Samsung, Mi Store