POV: You’re a *serial snacker* who is watching a movie at SM Cinema later but you haven’t decided yet on what to eat from Snack Time, a.k.a its official food concessionaire. A bag (or bucket) of popcorn is always a good idea—especially when it’s drenched in melted butter and seasoned with cheese, barbecue, or sour cream powder; or flavored with truffle—but if you’re keen to try something new, there are other snack options available! Complete the movie experience with these tasty bites that you can get from Snack Time:

Hotdog Sandwich


The Classic Hotdog Sandwich is drizzled with ketchup and mayo and is priced at P95. Other options you can get are the flavorful Chili Con Hotdog Sandwich and meaty German Franks. Seasonal variants of this OG snack are also available for a limited time like the black bun sandwiches that are only available during the horror movie festival, Sine sindak.



Satisfy your cravings with a Cheeseburger (P99) or Chicken burger (P65)! A meaty patty is sandwiched between two soft buns, smothered with creamy sauce, and topped with a slice of cheese.

New menu offer alert! Introducing the delicious Corndog, made with Tender Juicy hotdog, dipped in a light corndog batter, and fried to crunchy perfection.


Hotdog Bites


Can’t get enough of hotdogs? Why not slice them into smaller pieces so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling on your shirt while watching a film! The Hotdog Bites comes with ketchup and mayo dips which you can avail for P65.


Flavored Fries


For only P90, you can treat yourself to a cup of hot, crispy, and flavorful fries! Choose from any of the three seasonings: Cheese, barbecue, and sour cream. Want something shaped more fun? Try the Crisscut Fries which you can also spice up with flavorings!

Chicken Nuggets


ICYDK, the irresistible chicken nuggets are available at Snack Time and you can avail of 6 pieces for P140. They’re meaty, crunchy, and oh-so tasty!




Who says you can’t snack on Nachos while watching your favorite movie? Get ‘em hot and crispy at Snack Time where you can choose your toppings like beef or cheese sauce (or maybe both!).


Carmen’s Best Ice Cream


Gourmet ice cream brand Carmen’s Best has finally arrived at SM Cinema! Sink your sweet tooth with their delectable flavors such as Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream, Smores The Merrier, and Everyone Loves Vanilla. Each cup is crafted with 100% fresh milk and quality ingredients, with a price point starting at P130.

Wash these snacks down and quench your thirst with drinks from Snack Time! Available beverages are:
Coke, Sprite, Royal, Coke Zero, A&W Root Beer, Iced Tea, Minute Maid Orange, Real Leaf Iced Tea Lemon, Real Leaf Iced Tea Apple, and Bottled Water.

P.S: At Snack Time, you can also get exclusive merch through the Collector Combo! Just buy any Value Treat at selected SM Cinema branches and get a limited-edition double-wall tumbler like this one for SUGA | Agust D Tour D-DAY THE FINAL:

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