Just entered the thrilling world of gaming? Buckle up, adventurer! It's social, strategic, and a blast – a world that constantly surprises you with new challenges and lets you forge friendships along the way. It's also a stimulating activity that keeps your brain sharp! Before you embark on those epic quests, though, you need the right tools. SM Cyberzone  got your back with these awesome gadgets to help you kickstart your ~*gamer era*~

Lo and behold, the best gaming gadgets you can find at an SM Cyberzone near you:

HyperX Cloud II
P 4,795


On the lookout for a wireless gaming headset that stands the test of time? Introducing the HyperX Cloud II, built with comfort in mind so you can use it for extended play sessions and is durable enough to last with you for YEARS! It has a detachable noise-canceling mic and an independent mute button for supreme audio quality.

Logitech G502 X
P 2,195

Here’s another heavy-duty buy that is worth the investment. A gaming mouse is different from a regular mouse and must be: 1. Lightweight 2. Have an adjustable DPI shift button and is ergonomic enough 3. Equipped with high-end precision sensors for accuracy. From the iconic G502 line, the Logitech G502 X has all of those features and more.


Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard
P 8,195

There’s just something so soothing about mechanical keyboards in general whether you use them for work or play. In particular, the Apex Pro TKL (dubbed as the world’s best-selling keyboard) is not only ASMR-inducing and visually pleasing, it’s highly customizable, too! This includes its LCD screen and OmniPoint 2.0 HyperMagnetic switches.


Steam Deck
P 21,795

First and foremost, what is a Steam Deck? If you used a Gameboy or PSP before, think of it as an upgraded version that can store a lot of your favorite games (a.k.a your entire Steam Library). This handheld gaming console works just like your PC but is more portable so you can bring it everywhere. It’s designed with a vivid color display for peak clarity and full-size controls for utmost comfort.


Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro
P 14,999

Now if you want a gaming gadget on the go and can do other things, devices like the Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro are your best friend. It’s like a mobile phone but better! According to gamers, this device is packed with power thanks to its high-speed performance (it loads all kinds of games fast), large graphite area (to help it stay cool at all times), and super-resolution touch control (for a stable gaming experience)—yet so easy on the pocket!


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