4 ways to a better work-from-home space this 2021

 Did you know that your workspace can greatly affect your mood and productivity? As you welcome the New Year, spruce up your home office to help you do your best work this 2021.

 Get rid of the clutter. A clean working space, free from clutter, leads to fewer distractions and makes you focus better. Now is the perfect time to declutter and leave the unnecessary items back in 2020. Throw away the trash, shred old papers, sanitize your desk, and so on. To help you maintain a clean workspace, get some desk organizers, pen holders, paper trays, and shelves, all readily available at SM.

Make your desk look neat with frosted desk organizer (left) and clear desk bin (center) available at The SM Store. Keep your hands clean with sensor infrared alcohol dispenser (right) from Surplus Shop


Invest in tech. Elevate your home office by adding useful tech and tools. For example, a printer-scanner combo is a convenient must-have. How about a new laptop with enhanced features to for a smoother work experience? Or a ring light for all those Zoom meetings? Whatever you need, SM Cyberzone has got it all!

Be ready with your video calls by getting yourself a ring light and make printing and scanning hassle-free with Epson L5190 available at SM Cyberzone.



Enhance comfort. A comfortable home office is key to stress-free working hours. Say goodbye to back pain and get an ergonomic chair that supports your back to ease the pain and improve posture. Also, be sure to have a desk that allows for a range of positioning options. This way, you won’t feel sore at the end of the day. Don’t forget to add other things that can make your working hours more pleasant and comforting, such as a coffee maker, oil diffuser, desk lamp, or laptop stand. Try The SM Store and SM Cyberzone for all these and more.

Uplift your mood with reed diffuser from The SM Store. Ensure a comfortable and bright workspace by getting this adjustable mobile desk or you can go to SM Cyberzone to get this Mi LED lamp for your desk


Beautify your space. Decorating – not only does it make a space more welcoming, but home office trinkets may also make you feel happier and more motivated. Inject color into your space and add framed photos on your desk. For a dose of inspiration, you can also put up vision boards or keep a journal with you. Having a pot of lively greenery can also bring feel-good vibes. If you haven’t seen the new plant hubs at various SM malls, they are definitely worth checking out for your plantito and plantita needs.  

Get this frame with memo clips from The SM Store to get started on your vision board. You can also put a ZZ plant at your office desk for fresh indoor air. Check out Shopmag for more tips on what house plants to get.


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