After a four-year hiatus, the Philippines erupts in color once more. The highly anticipated 11th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (PIPC) triumphantly returned to SM Mall of Asia (MOA) by the BAY, kicking off with a breathtaking opening night on May 11, 2024. Reclaiming its crown as the grandest spectacle of its kind in the country, PIPC promises a show-stopping performance with an astounding display of symphonic fireworks.

the_11th_Philippine_International_Pyromusical_CompetitionThe long wait is over as the 11th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition returns in all its glory to SM by the BAY.

The opening night of the 11th PIPC, the longest-running pyromusical event in the Philippines, treated attendees to a global journey of unparalleled pyrotechnic brilliance and musical harmony. But that's just the beginning. The entire competition promises to be an awe-inspiring and spellbinding show for all.

Pyromusical_2(L-R): SM Mall of Asia Senior Assistant Vice President Perkin So, SM Supermalls’ President Steven Tan, Platinum Fireworks President Joel Sta. Ana, Pasay City Mayor Imelda Calixto-Rubio, and Skyglitters Enterprise owner Jonathan Sta. Ana during the opening exhibition of the 11th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

3_The_11th_Philippine_International_Pyromusical_Competition_judges_L_R_Philippine_Pyro_Enthusiasts_Association_PPEA_Co_Administrator_Joemarie_Agustin_Philippine_Pyrote_3The 11th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition judges (L-R): Philippine Pyro Enthusiasts Association (PPEA) Co-Administrator Joemarie Agustin, Philippine Pyrotechnics Manufacturers and Dealers Association President Lea Alapide, Department of Tourism – National Capital Region (DOT-NCR) Regional Director Sharlene Zabala-Batin, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Police General Rommel Francisco Marbil, Dean Cid, and Pasay City Chief of Staff Chief Peter Eric Pardo

Eight countries, including the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, China, and the United Kingdom, will battle it out, and are set to showcase their unique styles at the competition.

441607299_441840401824144_6459174456139207647_nUnder the iconic glow of SM by the BAY, audiences embark on a breathtaking international voyage of pyrotechnic symphony of light and sound.

Attendees have been treated to a kaleidoscope of creative expression, with two different countries taking center stage each week. The Philippines, as the host country, set the stage for this global competition. While they won't be competing this year, their long history of pyrotechnic excellence is undeniable. From the Netherlands' mesmerizingly choreographed displays to South Korea's explosive energy and Australia's elegantly precise fireworks, each nation captivated audiences with their unique pyrotechnic artistry. Belgium's display is known for its intricate storytelling elements, while Germany wowed audiences with their technical mastery and synchronized effects.

5_Prepare_for_a_spectacle_of_energy_and_incredible_displays_an_enthralling_experience_for_all5Prepare for a spectacle of energy and incredible displays, an enthralling experience for all.

The 11th PIPC's electrifying return promises to ignite imaginations and leave audiences breathless, solidifying its place as a world-class spectacle of theatrical fireworks display. SM MOA, the heart of this extraordinary event, provides the perfect backdrop for these incredible exhibitions that have mesmerized many.

6_A_child_is_captivated_by_the_pyromusicals_magic_2A child is captivated by the pyromusical's magic.

6b_A_family_gathers_together_mesmerized_by_the_exciting_colors_of_the_pyromusicalA family gathers together, mesmerized by the exciting colors of the pyromusical.


7_A_remarkable_pyromusical_ignites_the_sky_leaving_a_couple_spellbound_3A remarkable pyromusical ignites the sky, leaving a couple spellbound.

8_A_family_creates_lasting_memories_at_the_pyromusicalA family creates lasting memories at the pyromusical.

Catch the next Pyro on June 1, Saturday at 7:30 PM with Portugal and China and June 8, Saturday, also at 7:30 PM with the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Ticket prices include:

June 1:
Silver: P200
Gold: P500
VIP: P800
Patron: P3,000

June 8:
Silver: P250
Gold: P600
VIP: P1,000
Patron: P3,000

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Enjoy a delicious meal and a front-row seat to the pyromusical competition at participating restaurants in SM MOA, SM by the BAY, and S Maison, all with stunning bay views.

9_A_breathtaking_spectacle_unfolds_as_the_pyromusical_explodes_with_colorful_hues_against_3A breathtaking spectacle unfolds as the pyromusical explodes with colorful hues against the night.

10_A_sea_of_people_gathers_under_the_iconic_SM_by_the_BAY_for_the_pyromusical_extravaganza_3A sea of people gathers under the iconic SM by the BAY for the pyromusical extravaganza.

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