Let's admit it: There are a few things that can get us out of bed faster (or out of the office quicker) than the idea of seeing our best friends—especially if it's at a café that is worth coming back to. Just imagine drinking a cup of hot/iced coffee, trying a unique pastry, and sharing life updates while enjoying the cozy ambiance! That being said, here's a roundup of 10 coffee shops in SM with the best brews frfr, perfect for your next catch-up sesh!

1. Muji Café

Locations: SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA


Feel Japanese minimalism at its finest when you visit Muji Café, which is just a few steps away from its main store. It has a spacious area so you won’t feel the growing crowd too much, and an interior adorned with wood for that extra relaxing vibe. Order the Café Latte if you want something classic or go for the Ichigo Cafe Mocha for that sweet taste of strawberries.


2. Lola Nena’s

Location: UGL SM Megamall Mega A

10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Iced latte at Lola Nena’s, UGL SM Megamall Mega AImages from Facebook.com/SMMegamall

Drinks range from ₱80 to ₱170

Must-Drink: Iced Pastillas Latte, ₱170

This may be a take-out-only spot (for now), but what’s a coffee list without Lola Nena’s famous Iced Pastillas Latte? An addictive sweet treat made with espresso, fresh carabao milk, salted caramel, and pastillas bits, it’s perf for sipping while strolling and shopping with your squad. P.S. Don’t forget to order their Triple Cheese Donuts, too!


2. Aperitif

Location: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA


Aperitif is both a European café and creative catering rolled into one so expect that every corner has that upscale feeling to it. It’s a coffee shop draped in gold and peppered with flowers all over, with instrumental music playing in the background. Try their Premium Lattes while you’re busy taking photos for the ‘gram and get any of their sweet or savory croissants.


3. Café Kitsune

Location: G/L The Podium

10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Coffee and pastries at Café Kitsune, G/L The PodiumImages from Facebook.com/thepodiummanila

Drinks range from ₱150 to ₱340

Must-Drink: Banana and Caramel Latte, ₱240

Can’t seem to get that international girl’s trip out of the group chat? Start nearby. The stylish Japanese-Parisian cafe, Café Kitsune, is now open at The Podium. Created by the iconic fashion brand Maison Kitsune, you can expect modern, urban interiors and with-a-twist drinks like their Banana and Caramel Latte and Coconut and Caramel Latte. Don’t forget to stop by their merch wall—you’re sure to want to take every piece home.



4. Katherine's Cafe

Locations: SM Mall of Asia
Taste the goodness of freshly cooked meals at Katherine's Cafe, a restaurant that will remind you of home. The place has a nostalgic atmosphere and offers your next comfort food and beverage. After savoring their Stuffed Porkchop or Classic Carbonara with your friends, order the Iced Latte which has the most aromatic brews, and have it with a piece of cheese roll.


5. Chapter Coffee Roastery & Cafe Inc.

Location: G/L SM North EDSA

10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Hot and cold coffee at Chapter Coffee Roastery & Cafe Inc., G/L SM City North EDSAImages from Facebook.com/chaptercoffeeph

Drinks range from ₱120 to ₱195

Must-Drink: Vietnam Arabica Cold Brew, ₱120 

 A coffee roastery-turned-café, Chapter Coffee Roastery & Cafe’s goal is “to connect people by providing a space that welcomes conversations fueled by great food and coffee.” It’s the perfect spot for when you want to ‘work-from-a-cafe’ or take on a serious project with your friends—you’ll love sipping on premium, single origin Arabica coffee and nibbling on some bites while crossing things off your to-do list here.

6. Tsujiri

Locations: S Maison, SM Aura, The Podium, SM City Clark


Matcha lovers, you’ll enjoy everything here at Tsujiri! Since 1860, this global brand has been using only the best pure ceremony-grade matcha to deliver that premium taste in every cup or plate (they also offer Matcha Nama and Matcha rolls, among others!). Among all the drinks, we highly recommend the Hojicha Latte which is made of roasted green tea and fresh milk.


7. Yardstick

2/L MOA Square 

 10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Iced coffee at Yardstick, 2/L MOA SquareImages from Instagram.com/yardstickcoffee and Facebook.com/yardstickcoffee

Drinks range from ₱120 to ₱210

Must-Drink: Manila Latte, starts at ₱150

A known specialty bean supplier (among other things), Yardstick can always be counted on for the best brews—whether you and your gals are coffee purists or like to get playful with your drinks. Visiting the cafe always feels like a new adventure in your coffee journey, there’s always another brew to try. Don’t miss the MOA Square exclusives: the Sea Salt Latte and the Manila Latte, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


8. EST Bakery

Location: 5/L SM Aura

10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Espresso and iced latte with Japanese sando sandwich at EST Bakery, 5/L SM AuraImages from Instagram.com/estbakery

Must-Drink: Specialty Lattes

With bright, sunshine-y interiors, EST Bakery is one of the cutest spots to relax or start a book club. Famous for their Japanese sando sandwiches and pasta dishes, it’s also a great place to get cozy with a hot cup of espresso or cool down with an iced latte.

It’s a kind of place that makes you not want to leave—so make sure you’re with good company.

9. Daiesumi Digital Café

Location: 2/L SM North EDSA

10 Cool Coffee Spots at SM Supermalls: Coffee with digitally-printed foam on top at Daiesumi Digital Café, 2/L SM City North EDSAImages from Facebook.com/daiesumidigitalcafe

Drinks range from ₱130 to ₱190

Must-Drink: Bubble Coffee, ₱160 

A blast from the past, Daiesumi is primarily a print shop. Just like years before, you can get all your documents, assignments, invitations, and more printed here and sip a bit of coffee while you wait. A little fun thing to do? Take a selfie with your girl group and have it printed on coffee and cookies! 

10. Nanyang

Location: G/L SM Mall of Asia


Miss your favorite coffee from Singapore? There's no need to fly to SG because you can satisfy your craving at Nanyang! ICYDK, the restaurant also serves caffeinated beverages and you have to try Kopi, a brew made with evaporated and condensed milk. Pair it with the bestselling Nonya Kanya Traditional Toast for that complete nostalgia!



Whether you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, a place for an afternoon hang, or a nightcap destination (the coffee-fueled kind), you’ll surely find endless options at SM Supermalls. 

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