#SMoments: First Time

By: Lei Anna Tumanan
30 December 2017
"My unforgettable #SMoment happened last November 11, 2017 during SM's National Thank You Day celebration at SM Megamall." It was…

#SMoments: Our SM love story

By: Joy Sucgang
28 November 2017
"Three years ago, after chatting and video calling each other, my special someone and finally decided to meet in person.…

#SMoments: Lost and found

By: Precious Ann San Agustin
21 November 2017
"This photo was taken when I was about 4 years old. It's memorable because our youngest sibling got lost that…

#SMoments: Memorable childhood

By: Ellacille Sepe
21 November 2017
"This photo was taken back in the 80's when I was five years old. I was one of the happy…

#SMoments: UNforgettable FAMoment

By: Alpha May Manzala
21 November 2017
“One of my most memorable #SMoments was when my son won in the United Nations Day Contest at SM City…

#SMoments: My son's 7th birthday

By: Leonor Lamberte
21 November 2017
“SM is our home away from home! It’s a place that has always been part of our lives since we…

#SMoments: Good grades deserve great treats

By: Elisha Marie Blando
21 November 2017
“When I was in elementary, I was always nervous during the claiming of my report card. The only way for…

#SMoments: New bundle of joy

By: Michelle Nepomuceno-Chu
19 October 2017
My family's happiest moment at SM was when we found out about my third pregnancy. We shed tears of joy…

#SMoments: Dreams do come true

By: Geraldine Marla Barbosa
13 September 2017
This milestone photo was taken last November 2015 during the Bacolod Designers Fashion Week at SMX Bacolod. It was an…

#SMoments: Santa's magic

By: Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero
18 September 2017
SM Supermalls has been a huge part of my son's life. We've been going to SM since he was a…