General Rules


  1. All contestants must be between the ages of 4 to 7 years old, during the date of the Preliminary Screening schedule.

  2. The application forms must be fully accomplished and signed by the parent/s exercising parental authority over the contestant. The photocopy of the contestant’s birth certificate and two (2) 4R photos (close-up & whole body shot) must be attached to the application form.

  3. Upon submission of the application forms and required attachments, they shall constitute property of SM Supermalls and will not be returned to the contestants or his/her parents.

  4. The contestants and their parents who participate in the Preliminary Screening, Regional Finals and/or the Grand Finals, agree to provide whatever personal information and shall cooperate with the SM Little Stars organizers and panel of judges, to determine, among others, the contestants’ eligibility and compliance with the contest mechanics and this General Rules and Regulations.

  5. The contestants with their parent/s or guardian must arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before the schedule of the SM Little Stars competition (Preliminary Screening, Regional Finals and Grand Finals). Failure to arrive on time for the program proper and/or absence during the competition schedule shall be a ground for disqualification of the contestant.

  6. The contestant’s parent/s or guardian is responsible for their own logistic arrangements and expenses pertaining to the participation in SM Little Stars, unless otherwise provided by SM Supermalls. Neither SM Supermalls nor any of those involved in any capacity in organizing, executing, judging or supplying prizes for SM Little Stars is responsible for covering or reimbursing any expense that maybe incurred by the contestants.

  7. If the contestant is found to be un-sportsmanlike, displays poor behavior or engages in altercation causing disruption of the competition, SM Supermalls’ hosted venues including the host hotel or any SM Supermalls’ sponsored / related competition events / tapings, shall have the right to immediately disqualify the entire contestant’s talent roster.

  8. The contestant and his/her parent/s or guardian acknowledges that they will not be receiving a talent fee and/or any other forms of honorarium /charges, remuneration or any form of consideration for participating in SM Little Stars competition.

  9. The contestants, his/her parents or guardians and the winners agree to the use of their photograph/s, name, personal biography, demo CD or audio tape, and recorded or live SM Little Stars talent audition and other competition performances within the current calendar year and in the succeeding years, and the use of that information in all forms of media and communication related to the SM Supermalls and SM Little Stars without compensation, consideration or notification, and hereby releases SM Supermalls, its employees, representatives, and organizers, from any claims or liability arising out of or with respect to such use and, in particular, irrevocably assign any and all copyright rights to SM Supermalls regarding the contestant’s audition, performance or other participation in SM Little Stars competition and the contestant and his/her parents or guardian waives any and all moral rights relating to same.

  10. The general rules and regulations of the SM Little Stars do not impose any obligation on SM Supermalls or any other individual, company, or organization to broadcast or rebroadcast any performances submitted by contestants, or imposes liability on SM Supermalls or any other individual company or organization for failure to do so.

  11. While recognizing that the judges, corporate sponsors, parents/guardians and contestants may know each other outside of this competition, SM Supermalls asks that no contact or communication intended to influence, or that would tend to influence, a judge’s decision about the contestant’s performance shall occur between parents/guardians, contestants, and SM Little Stars judges or corporate sponsors.

  12. Unless provided otherwise, the General Rules & Regulations apply to every stage of the competition: Preliminary Screening, Regional Finals and the Grand Finals of SM Little Stars;

  13. Unless otherwise provided elsewhere, failure to abide by the general rules and regulations of the SM Little Stars will constitute ground for the disqualification of the contestant from the said competition or forfeiture of prizes, without any liability on the part of SM Supermalls, organizers, sponsors or any other person, firm or corporation.

Talent Performances


  1. Each contestant will be given only a maximum of one (1) minute during the Preliminary Screening and a maximum of two (2) minutes during the Regional Finals and Grand Finals to perform their talent onstage. The judge/s has the right to stop a performance if deemed necessary during the one (1)-minute time limit on the Preliminary Screening. The decision of the judge/s is final in concurrence with DTI.

  2. Each individual contestant shall perform ONE of the following talents: singing, dancing, modelling, acting or role-playing, doing acrobatics or gymnastics, visual arts presentation, or playing an instrument. A combination of singing while dancing is allowed but the scores will be based on the declared talent as reflected on the application form.

  3. SM Little Stars and its organizers reserve the right to disallow any talent act or performance that it finds unsuitable, inappropriate or hazardous. Refusal to comply will constitute ground for disqualification of the contestant.

  4. The talent act or performance shall run at no more than one (1) minute applicable to the Preliminary Screening stage and no more than two (2) minutes for the Regional Finals and Grand Finals stages. It will be timed from the first vocal utterance in any vocal performances, the first musical sound in any instrumental performances, the first body movement in any dance performances, the first movement, gesture, utterance or musical sound in any variety performances. ANY ACT / PERFORMANCE RUNNING OVER THE MAXIMUM TIME LIMIT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE TALENT ACT OR PERFORMANCE. IF INTENTIONALLY DONE, THIS WILL CONSTITUTE GROUND FOR DISQUALIFICATION. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES ON THIS MATTER IS DEEMED FINAL IN CONCURRENCE WITH DTI.

  5. Each contestant must have their music cued in a CD or USB flash drive if the talent is singing or dancing or if the talent requires background music or audio. A representative should be assigned by the contestant to coordinate with the sound system technician during the performance. Use child-friendly music and lyrics.

  6. Requests for lighting effects will only be entertained for the talent performance in the Regional Finals and Grand Finals. A written letter of request must be submitted to the SM Supermalls –Marketing Department at least one (1) week before the scheduled performance but this will be subject for approval. If the lighting cues vary during the performance, the contestant should have a stage/lighting coordinator.

  7. The rules & regulations for props will be as follows:
    Merriam Webster® defines stage properties (also known as stage props) as articles or objects used in a play or motion picture except painted scenery and costumes. On the other hand, costumes pertain to an outfit worn (head or body) to create the appearance characteristic of a particular period, person, place, or thing.

    1. 7.1 The following stage props are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED during the talent performance in the Preliminary Screening, Regional Finals and Grand Finals:

      1. Cane, gun, balls, box, banner, backdrop, fire-related material, or any similar material inappropriate, hazardous or poses risks to the contestant and to others

      2. Batons, machetes, knives, and other pointed objects c. Smoke or smoke-effect, helium balloons or confetti

    2. 7.2 No props during the Preliminary Screenings, except the following:

      1. Table (maximum measurement of 4 feet long and 1.5 feet wide), chair, lyric stand or microphone stand or any form of device used in playing a musical instrument; mat for dance or gymnastics; or similar item necessary for the delivery of the talent performance

    3. 7.3 Props will ONLY be allowed during the talent performance in the Regional Finals and Grand Finals. It is the responsibility of the child’s companion/s to prepare the props before the performance and to remove them right after. The props shall be set on stage within one (1) minute prior to the actual performance.

    4. 7.4 Special effects and lighting requirements during the talent performance will only be entertained in the Regional Finals and Grand Finals with the following conditions:

      1. Secure clearance from the SM Supermalls – Marketing Department thru the authorized event organizer

      2. Assign one personnel to cue and direct the special effects and lighting requirements at the tech booth

Any violation on stage props shall constitute ground for disqualification of the individual contestant.

  1. Vocal performances:

    1. The CD or USB flash drive must contain only the piece of music required for the talent performance, and it must be cued properly. A back-up copy of music must also be prepared and provided by the contestant’s parent/s or guardian, in case of technical problems.

    2. SM Supermalls, its official event organizers and sound system technicians will not be responsible for any music that is not in sync with the contestant’s talent performance.

    3. Label each CD or USB flash drive with the contestant’s name for proper identification.

    4. No voice/s, vocal utterance or synthesized vocal utterance may be used as accompaniment in the vocal performance of the contestant. This includes, but not limited to, the recorded live voices and those that are produced and recorded synthetically (i.e. synthesizers or digitally sampled).

    5. Only minus-one track shall be accepted. Multiplex track is not allowed.

    6. Instrumental accompaniment by back-up performer is allowed during the talent performance in the Regional Finals and Grand Finals, but is not judged. It must assume the pure character of the accompaniment. The test shall be whether the performance would stand alone.

    7. Non-compliance on items (d.) and (e.) will constitute ground for disqualification of the contestant

  2. Instrumental performances:

    1. Live or recorded accompaniment is allowed, but must assume the pure character of accompaniment. The test shall be whether the performance would stand alone.

    2. b. Pre-programmed music is not allowed. The use of any instrument/s as an accompaniment of the same type of instrument/s being judged is not allowed. For example, if the contestant’s talent is playing an electronic keyboard, there should no accompaniment with the same sound of that of the keyboard.

    3. The contestant must create all sounds necessary to deliver his/her talent performance live onstage using his/her instrument only.

    4. Non-compliance will constitute ground for disqualification of the contestant

    5. The combination of instrumental performance with vocals will be accepted but only the instrumental performance will be judged.

  3. Dance performances:

    1. Back-up dancers will not be allowed during the talent performance of the contestant in the Preliminary Screening, Regional Finals and Grand Finals.

    2. Music remixes are allowed during the Preliminary Screening only. It is not allowed during the Regional Finals and Grand Finals

    3. Non-compliance will constitute ground for disqualification of the contestant.

  4. All the song, dance, music, visual arts presentation, instrumental or acting performances, including props (Regional Finals and Grand Finals only) and costumes must be appropriate for general patronage. Decision of SM Supermalls and the official event organizers on the matter is considered final in concurrence with DTI.

Rehearsals and Workshops

  1. Rehearsals and workshop for the Regional Finals shall be held on June 23, 30; July 7 and 14, 2018 from 10am to 2pm at the mall where Regional Finals per cluster will be conducted.

  2. Briefing / orientation, fun day and workshop for the Grand Finals shall be held on August 1-3, 2018 from 9am to 6pm at the Mall of Asia Arena Annex Building. While the rehearsals will be held on August 4, 2018 from 9am to 12 noon at the SM Cinema Centerstage, SM Mall of Asia.

  3. All contestants with their parent/s or guardian must be present during scheduled meetings, practice sessions / rehearsals, interviews, conference calls and photo sessions on-time. All contestants must reside at the host hotel, with the exception of those contestants who live within the local vicinity of the performance location.

  4. Failure to attend the rehearsals and workshops by the contestant or parents/s or guardian without justifiable reason will constitute ground for disqualification of contestant. Contestant or parent/s or guardian must submit a written letter 24 hours before or after the scheduled meeting stating the reason for the absence.

Workshop Exercises

Each workshop session uses games and exercises in creative dramatics to draw out the kids’ performance potential. By allowing the contestants to creatively express their imagination through performance, they are guided into performing confidently with their co-finalists in a production showcase to be performed at the Regional Finals and Grand Finals of SM Little Stars.

Regional Finals

Warm-ups TAWATAYA Participants choose an "it" who will chase the other participants. Once tagged, a participant will "explode" laughing and become an "it" as well.
  POPCORN Participants in a circle. Randomly each one must jump up and clap. If two people jump together, they move out of the circle.
  TAKBO-BAGAL-BILIS Participants run around the room, instructor calls out the speed.
Warm-up SIT-DOWN TAG An "it" is assigned to chase and tag the other participants. Those sitting down can't be tagged. But participants can't sit-down continuously at one given time.
Observation PILA-PILA Each group will take turns in being the "object of observation" while the others observe. Each group comes into the workspace and makes a formation. The other participants observe their position. They then come back in not in the same position and the other participants arrange them based on their first observation. Formation of groups are as follows: 1. Single file, observe arrangement; 2. Single file with pose; 3. Single file, with expression; 4. Tableaux.
Concentration SUNOD-SUNURAN By pair. One of each pair will be the leader and the other is the follower. The leader must lead the follower around the room with just his hand and without touching.
  PUSA'T DAGA Participants sit in a circle. The "cat" is blindfolded and sits in the middle of the circle with a ball in front of him. The others must act like "mice" and get the ball without the cat hearing them.

Grand Finals

Space Awareness GUHO Participants must group themselves according to the number given to the space given.
  ISPATS Participants choose 3 spots of their own. Instructions as to what spot they will go to and what they will do there will be given.
  KUWARTO'T TULAY Participants must show the bridge where they are crossing and the room they are entering given the instructions as to where it is.
Role Playing ANIMAL 1. Individually move as animals 2. Look for your pair and act 3. race
  TAUHAN WALK Create Character, walk, then talk
  EDAD Give setting. Give age, act it out, getting older, getting younger
  ASSIGNMENT Use costumes to act out role with variants and situations.
Group Work/Sensitivity COUNTS Participants walk around the room. They must count 1 to 10 without signaling each other. When participants call out a number at the same time, they begin again.
  THINGS Two groups. Each group must form with their bodies: spaghetti, typewriter, radio
  RHYTHM Participants in a circle. Each will contribute a sound.
  SCULPTURE Each participant contribute a pose to a group sculpture
  MACHINE One by one, participants go in the performance area, strike a pose and create a sound.
Voice VOCAL GAMES By pair. Each one talks based on the factors given, a place, volume, pitch,etc.
Imagination MOVEMENT & VOICE Participants move around. Instructions are given on how they will move: like an animal, like the wind. Variations are given as to what the thing is like
  ZIGZAG ECHO Participants form two lines, they must then throw a sound and a movement across until it reaches the end.
Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 1641, Series of 2018


A stable internet connection is required to participate in this game