(Frequently Asked Questions)


A. The following are the requirements to be eligible to join the #SMLittleStars2017:

  1. AGE – Boys and girls four (4) to seven (7) years old during Preliminary Screenings schedule (April 1 to May 28) are eligible to join.
  2. REGISTRATION FORM – Submitted form must be completely filled out and signed by the parent/s (exercising parental authority) of the contestant.
  3. BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Original and photocopy of the contestant’s birth certificate must be brought during the contestant’s registration. The original copy will be returned after proper verification of the photocopy.
  4. PHOTOS – Two (2) 4R-sized photo of the contestant: one (1) close-up shot and one (1) whole body shot. The child must only be in light make-up only.
A. Yes, pre-registration is allowed provided that the requirements are complete. A parent/guardian may visit www.smlittlestars.com.ph to download or digitally fill out the registration form then submit it together with all the registration requirements to the Marketing Department of the Mall Administration Office or to the assigned official event organizer of the concerned SM mall.
A. Twins are eligible to join but they have to perform and be judged separately.
A. Yes. A kid may join as long as he/she is 7 years old during the Preliminary Screening schedule. Same rule applies to 4 year-old kids.
A. Yes, he/she is allowed to join provided that no TV commercial will be aired or shown during the Preliminary Screenings, Regional Finals, Grand Finals and on the date of the TV airing of #SMLittleStars2017 Grand Finals. This is to prevent bias on the judging during the competition.
A. No. Winners or placers from other similar contests within the duration of the previous calendar year until the current calendar year, of any company/sponsor and its affiliates with the same line of business or industry or in conflict with the business or industry of SM Supermalls and SM Affiliates are NOT eligible to join the #SMLittleStars2017.
A. Each contestant shall perform only ONE of the following talents: singing, dancing, modelling, acting or role-playing, doing acrobatics or gymnastics, playing an instrument. Multiple or combination of talents per performance is NOT allowed.
A. Costumes are allowed; however, props are not allowed during the Preliminary Screenings, except for the following items/objects:
  1. Table (maximum measurement of 4 feet long and 1.5 feet wide), chair, lyric stand or microphone stand or any form of device used in playing a musical instrument; mat for dance or gymnastics; or similar item necessary for the delivery of the talent performance.
A. The following stage props are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED during the talent performance in the Preliminary Screenings, Regional Finals and Grand Finals:
  1. Cane, gun, balls, box, banner, backdrop, fire-related material, or any similar material inappropriate, hazardous or poses risks to the contestant and to others.
  2. Batons, machetes, knives, and other pointed objects
  3. Smoke or smoke-effect, helium balloons or confetti. Baton twirlers and/or other similar acts using batons, machetes, knives, pointed objects and other objects that may pose risk and danger will not be accepted.
A. Head ornaments are considered as a costume since it is part of an outfit worn to create the appearance characteristic of a person.
A. Yes. Each contestant will be given only a maximum of two (2) minutes to perform his/her talent onstage. Any member of the panel of judges has the right to stop a performance if deemed necessary during the two (2) minutes time limit. The decision of the judges is final in concurrence with DTI.
A. Yes. He/she can still join in other malls’ Preliminary Screenings schedule. New set of application form/requirements per mall will be required to submit.
A. No. Right after his/her performance, your child may leave the event venue and not wait for the announcement of winners.
A. Those who will qualify for the Regional Finals after the Preliminary Screenings will be announced online via www.smlittlestars.com.ph the day after the scheduled Preliminary screening of each participating mall. The list will also be posted in the official Facebook page of the SM Supermalls where the Preliminary Screening was conducted.