A Mother’s Love for Children with Disabilities

May 27, 2020

Mothers Donna Lim, Alex Arroyo and Juliet Brecino are great inspirations for many families across the country. These women have been helping parents wade through the high waters of raising children with disabilities as they, too, are raising children with disabilities of their own. And doing so is certainly not made easy due to the COVID-19 pandemic that pose a threat especially to these children who typically have challenged immune systems.

With the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon and other parts of the country to contain the spread of the virus, disruptions to daily routine became an inevitable reality for countless Filipinos.


(Mommy Donna with her daughter Desly who is on the Autism Spectrum)

One challenge that Mommy Donna is currently experiencing is ensuring that the daily routine of her daughter Desly who is on the autism spectrum, stay as consistent as possible, because any changes to their day-to-day activities can affect the behavior of her daughter.

If they notice that something is not part of their usual routine, they become worried. It may even upset them,” says Donna.

To mitigate this, she has been helping Desly understand that they have to change the way they go through their day so that they can stay safe and healthy.


(Mommy Alex with her daughter Aria with Down Syndrome)

On the other hand, with the “new normal” demanding cleanliness more than ever, the challenge for Mommy Alex is getting her daughter with special needs, Aria, to practice proper personal hygiene. This is why her family has been diligently following ECQ rules, so that Aria can learn by example.

We definitely follow ECQ rules strictly. We stay at home and we only go out for essentials, and if we do, we ensure that we are wearing facemasks, face shields, and even gloves sometimes. And the moment that we get home, we disinfect. We take a shower.”


(Mommy Juliet with son JM with visual impairment)

Strictly following ECQ rules is a must in order for children with disabilities to avoid getting sick. Aside from this, parents must also ensure that these children are eating healthy, just like what Mommy Juliet is doing with her son JM who is visually-impaired, whose passion is signing Broadway songs and joining singing contests.

I make sure he eats vegetables and I always give him vitamins,” says Juliet.

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day with this global health crisis in the background, these moms are focusing on the most important thing – the health, safety and well-being of their children, showered with the kind of love and care that only a mother can give.

Knowing the important roles that they play in the lives of their children, Donna, Alex and Juliet are doing everything they can to protect their loved ones.

Their selfless dedication to motherhood is something that should be celebrated, which is why, this Mother’s Day, SM Cares honors all mothers, especially those who are raising children with special needs. 

SM Cares understands the challenges of parents – especially mothers of children with disabilities. Their immense love and sacrifice for their children is something that we truly admire. We wish them the best of blessings, especially for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration,” said Engr. Bien Mateo, Head of the SM Cares Program on Persons with Disabilities.

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