Top 5 Things Employees Secretly Wish To Receive This Christmas
by Michael Cadiz,  October 20, 2015

It’s Christmas time once again and people from all ages are beyond excited for the “most wonderful time of the year.”




Before we all get caught up in the blur of the holiday rush, let’s back-pedal a little and reflect on what the holiday season truly brings.  What makes Christmas more wonderful aside from the endless family gatherings and reunions? That’s right, it’s GIVING.  Christmas is the perfect time to stop and think about which gifts are perfect for the people who made an impact in your life for the past year. 


Everyone loves receiving gifts of whatever type. Most company employees though prefer receiving non-traditional gifts from their employers and company HR’s normally find their hands full trying to come up with the best gifts to reward loyal employees.  Today, jobsDB Philippines is sharing our top five gift ideas for employers, HR Managers, and immediate bosses so they can show their appreciation to their most valuable employees for a job well done.   


According to Suzanne Lucas, staff, more than 90% of employees wish to receive non-typical gifts from their employers this year. In a survey conducted, nearly 65 % would prefer a cash bonus, while the remaining 35% wish for a promotion, a salary increase, a vacation and gift certificates, gift cards and gift vouchers.


Here’s a breakdown of what employees REALLY want this Christmas:     


  1. Cash Gift.

Whether we think about it or not, it’s undeniable that most employees want to receive cash this holiday.   We certainly can use it to buy something we’ve saved so hard for this year – a new gadget, a much needed vacation, or a brand new appliance because cash is liquid and transferable, your employees can use it, not only for themselves, but also for their family.


  1. Promotion

Every employee secretly wishes to step up and climb the next tier of the corporate ladder, and that much needed promotion would truly be an icing on top of this year’s Christmas cake, unless of course that promotion will send them to a location they don’t want to be assigned to. Promotion is a concrete form of recognition and who wouldn’t want their hard work properly acknowledged, right?


  1. Salary Increase

Yes, you’ve read it right. A promotion won’t be economically right if there is no favorable wage increase.


  1. Vacation

Time is gold, and time with family and loved ones is even more precious. This is why this Christmas, employees are eager to receive, not only cash gift, but also a gift of time or longer vacation leaves that they can use to spend with their loved ones this Holiday season.


  1. Gift Certificates/Cards/Vouchers

Employees definitely love receiving GC’s, gift cards & vouchers coming from their bosses.  It makes them feel that all the hard work they’ve done does not go unnoticed.  Most employees prefer cards and vouchers from their favorite salon, gadget shop, and even malls and grocery stops.



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