Online Registration Form


  1. Registration is FREE.
  2. Owners should be fully responsible for their dog(s).
  3. Owners must immediately clean up after their own dogs both in and out of the dog park.
  4. Dogs must be at least 4 months of age and be up to date with all vaccinations.
  5. Dogs that are aggressive, disruptive, in heat, or ill are not allowed.
  6. Maximum of 2 dogs per adult.
  7. Limited to 10 people at a time inside the park.
  8. No commercial dog walkers allowed.
  9. Equipment in the dog park is for dogs only. Please do not climb on the obstacles.
  10. No outside food, drinks, glass containers, dog toys, or treats are permitted inside the dog park.
  11. Private dog training and other commercial activities without management approval are not allowed.
  12. Any person bringing dogs into the park assumes the legal responsibility, jointly and individually, with the owner of the dog(s) for any damage, disease, or injury to persons, other dogs or property, caused by the dog(s).
  13. SM City Cabanatuan management reserves the right to refuse entry to any dog that presents any risk to other humans and dogs.
  14. The park may close without prior notice due to weather, maintenance, special events, or when deemed necessary.

Remember that these rules are in place to help everyone stay safe and have as much fun as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation