#SMoments: Forever date place

By: Kristina Mano
31 July 2018
Ever since we’ve been together as boyfriend and girlfriend, SM has been a part of my husband and I’s love…

#SMoments: Anime-tastic moment

By: Maria Sarena Denice Sarmiento
31 July 2018
I am an Otaku, which means that I love anime, manga (Japanese comics) and cosplay.   So when I learned…

#SMoments: Song to remember

By: Gerald Naquita
30 July 2018
As a young songwriter, it is a dream to have my music heard by a lot of people and I…

#SMoments: Shout It Loud

By: Kristabell Untalan
17 February 2018
This is our most memorable moment at SM North Edsa. It was the day when I was at the top…

#SMoments: Don't Miss Every Chance

By: Norman Balog-ang
14 February 2018
My #SMoments was the reunion with my sister and dad. It was very important to me because I was a…

#SMoments: From Sharing Seats to Sharing Home

By: Apple Placio
10 February 2018
Our #LoveSMStories started last 2006, I was a student of PLM and he's from TIP. We were both regular diners…

#SMoments: My "Kuwarta o Kahon" moment

By: Jihan Cabanban
25 November 2017
"I was still an elementary pupil when my mom and I were lucky enough to join the TV gameshow "Kuwarta…

#SMoments: Sisters' Choice

By: Danica Ana Franco
28 December 2017
"My #SMoments with my sisters are always memorable. Even though we don't have our parents anymore, we still make sure…

#SMoments: Proud MOMents

By: Mary Grace Gonzales
29 December 2017
"My most memorable moment at SM was when my daughter joined the Halloween party at SM City Bacolod and she…

#SMoments: OFW Christmas

By: Jay-An tizon
27 December 2017
"My happiest #SMoment was our Christmas family bonding in 2015. It was the first time in a long time that…