#SMoments: New bundle of joy

By: Michelle Nepomuceno-Chu
19 October 2017
My family's happiest moment at SM was when we found out about my third pregnancy. We shed tears of joy…

#SMoments: Dreams do come true

By: Geraldine Marla Barbosa
13 September 2017
This milestone photo was taken last November 2015 during the Bacolod Designers Fashion Week at SMX Bacolod. It was an…

#SMoments: Santa's magic

By: Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero
18 September 2017
SM Supermalls has been a huge part of my son's life. We've been going to SM since he was a…

#SMoments: Just got lucky

By: Sonny Boy Arciaga
13 September 2017
Who would’ve thought that a “chance gamer” like me would win in SM’s Everwing Contest? I didn’t! It was supposed…

#SMoments: Mega-meetup

By: Michael Chan Chua
19 September 2017
My wife and I first “met” via friendfinder.com around April 1998. I just came from a breakup that time so I…

#SMoments: Squad's choice

By: Janievetch D. Atienza
18 September 2017
July 16, 2011 was a memorable date for me and my friends as it was the day when we received…

#SMoments: DADventures

By: John Eraph Kennedy Lumagui
14 September 2017
My most memorable SM moment was my first time to go at SM as a dad. My wife and I…

#SMoments: Happy snap

By: Marlian Princess Lapitan
13 September 2017
My family’s happiest SM moment was our first ever photoshoot. I can still remember how everyone got excited and happily…

#SMoments: First date

By: Dayanara P. Torres
13 September 2017
He was my birthmate, classmate, and bestfriend rolled into one. But our friendship was put to the test when he…